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印度落后中国多少年? How many years is India left behind China? 印度落后中国多少年? 美国问答网站Quora讨论: Sree Venkateswarlu Vemulapati, B Tech Engineering Answered 6h ago At least 2 decades. Assuming Chinese GDP gets frozen ( approx 11.6 tril US $) , even if we ( our GDP approx 2.4 tril US $) grow continuously a...



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印度太空技术领先中国多少? How much is India ahead of China in terms of space technology and military? 印度太空技术和军事领先中国多少? 美国Quora问答网站网贴翻译: Kangkan Lahkar I will not answer who is ahead. China wants to show off its power in space: In the year 2007 China tested anti sattelite missile killing its old...



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Quora:中国有电吗?中国什么时候有电的? 美国Quora上的话题讨论:中国有电吗? 美国Quora网贴翻译: Madi Yan, when it comes to giving, some people stop at nothing. Answered Fri No, of course not! 中国当然没电! All these lights that you see… …are photoshopped… …by America to spread the image that China has electricty… 图上的灯都是PS的,用...



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印度人尊重中国吗?Quora上的印度网友这样说 Do Indian people respect China? 印度人尊重中国吗? 美版知乎Quora上的讨论 Vipul Kumar, works at AIESEC Updated Apr 21 Yes, we respect China and pretty much every country,even Pakistan. 是的,我们尊重中国,尊重每一个国家,甚至巴基斯坦,我们也尊重 We are aware that China is still ahead of us . We a...