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Quora: 中国有机场吗?

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Quora: 中国有机场吗? Does China have an airport? 中国有机场吗? quora用户讨论 Jack Zumruls, studied at Finance They have a lot of planes but no airports. The planes land where they need to land, farms, desserts, sometimes on the freeway. Thats why traffic sucks in the major cities. Airports are expensive. 中国有很多...


Quora: 我认为中国一直是个爱好和平的国家,错了吗?

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Quora: 我认为中国一直是个爱好和平的国家,错了吗? I feel like China has been quite a peaceful country. Am I wrong in saying that? 我认为中国一直是个很和平的国家,我错了吗? 【美版知乎Quora网贴翻译】 Sam Arora, Life long student of different cultures, travels, history My primary school teacher fired my imagination about China when I was just fiv...


Quora: 印度落后中国多少?

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Quora:  印度落后中国多少? How much does India lag behind China? 印度落后中国多少? 【美国问答网站quora网贴翻译】 Rajkumar Chharush, Read few books on international relations. 10–15 years. GDP- China became a $2trillion economy in 2005,and India in 2015. 10 year lag! 10~15年。 GDP——中国在2005年就成为了2万亿元的经济体,而...


Quora: 为什么说中国是个发达国家?

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Quora:  为什么说中国是个发达国家? Why is China a developed country? 为什么说中国是个发达国家? 【美版知乎quora网贴翻译】 Hao Xin, Made in China. Remade in Canada. It’s not. China is like 2 countries: 中国不是发达国家,倒像两个国家: Most people see cities along the eastern coast, and it looks like a developed country. But most p...



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为什么人们要嘲笑中国人? Why do people make fun of Chinese people? 为什么人们要嘲笑中国人? 【美版知乎Quora网贴翻译】 Audino Chen, Multilingual & Electrical Engineering Major The main reason is because people see Asians as easy targets. They don’t care whether you’re Korean, Japanese, Mongolian, they would still cons...



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如果爆发第三次世界大战,你会选择哪7个国家结盟,为什么? Say there was a third world war. What 7 nations would you pick as allies, and why? 如果爆发第三次世界大战,你会选择哪7个国家结盟,为什么? 【美版知乎quora网贴翻译】 Patrick Stowell, Teenager Well I’m American, so I’m going to guess I don’t need to pick America as an ally. If I ...



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美国人和日本人怎么看南京大屠杀 What do non-Chinese/Japanese people think of the Nanjing Massacre? 非华人或日本人怎么看待南京大屠杀 【美版知乎quora网贴翻译】 Scarlett Mitchell, Hoarder of knowledge, graphic IT student, latte slinger Updated Mar 18 Originally Answered: What do non Chinese / Japanese people think of the Nanjing ...



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什么样的自由是中国人有而美国人没有的? What kind of freedoms do Chinese have but Americans don’t? 有什么样的自由是中国人有而美国人没有的? 【美版知乎Quora网贴翻译】 Luo Hao Nan, lived in China Updated Jul 12 (1) Fight with police without getting shot. (2) Hanging out in the middle of night without worrying about our safety. (3)...



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一旦全面开战,印度能打败中国吗?印网友继续讨论 Can India defeat China in a full-fledged war? 一旦全面开战,印度能打败中国吗? 美国问答网站quora网贴翻译: Ojas Arora, Writing the obvious. Secular and Ideal Indian. I would say NO. Never. It’s absolutely true that Chinese are more advanced than INDIANS but that doesn’t mean that they can d...



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中国会取代美国成为世界最强国家吗? Will China take over the US as the most powerful country in the world? Why? 中国会取代美国成为世界最强国家吗? 美国问答网站Quora讨论 Narb Luey Answered Aug 30 14 years ago I had a teacher who said China will regain her spot as global super power in a few decades. I didn’t believe a word he said ...