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哪些习惯是中国人特有的? Which Chinese habit do you consider exceptional? 哪些习惯是中国人特有的? 资料图 【美版知乎quora网贴翻译】 Paul Denlinger, Proudly blocked by FFW The ability to accept differences among peoples without trying to project their own Chinese values onto other peoples and cultures. If other people li...



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为什么印度基础设施如此落后? Why is the Indian infrastructure so backwards despite the democracy they seem so proud of? 为什么印度基础设施如此落后,尽管他们有引以为傲的民主? 【美版知乎quora网贴翻译】 Subodh Mathur, Adjunct Professor of Economics at American University (2014-present) You should have seen India’s infrastruct...



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和中国相比,印度基础设施不足? Why is India lacking in infrastructure as compared to China? 和中国相比,印度基础设施不足? 资料图 【美版知乎quora网贴翻译】 Jp Murty, former IAS Officer (1974-2009) Have you been to China? I have. China is much more than Beijing, Shanghai and the Great Wall. There is a lot of China beyond the h...



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为什么中文没“进化”到使用字母表呢? Why didn’t Chinese evolve to use some form of alphabet? 为什么中文没进化到使用字母表呢? 【美版知乎quora问答】 Mats Andersson, Professional translator, B. Sc. in Physics, M. Sc. in Applied Computer Science Answered Dec 28 · Upvoted by Logan R. Kearsley, MA in Linguistics from BYU, 8 years workin...



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老外:我该学中文吗? Should I learn Chinese? 我该学中文吗? 美版知乎quora问答 Ryan Giordano, 三人行,必有我师 Answered Feb 9, 2015 I like a challenge, and it is a beautiful language. It is the first language I have studied in which I have to concentrate on the tone of a given word in order for its meaning to be unde...



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中国真的是世界第二大经济体吗? Is China really the worlds 2nd largest economy? 中国真的是世界第二大经济体吗? 【美版知乎quora问答】 Shu Xu, Strategic FooYou Agent (2008-present) Answered Aug 4 No, it is not. Where did you get it? Even as a Chinese I have never heard about such news. You mean my poor country is the world’s seco...



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普通中国人怎么看印度? What does an average Chinese citizen/expat think of India? In India, the media keeps telling us that China is India’s greatest enemy. It keeps telling us that the Chinese media condemns India all the time. 普通中国人怎么看印度?印度媒体总告诉我们,中国是印度最大的敌人。总是说中国媒体一直在...


Quora上的印度人: 中国怕印度吗?

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Quora上的印度人: 中国怕印度吗? Is China afraid of India? 中国怕印度吗? 资料图 美版知乎quora问答: Gruham Bendakaluru, Farmer at My Farmland (2013-present) China need not be afraid of India, because India does not have any aspirations on others territory, nor does India intend to be hegemonic in the region. 中国没必要怕印度啊...



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Quora:哪个国家更强大,中国还是印度? Which country is powerful: China or India? 哪个国家更强大,中国还是印度? 资料图 美版知乎quora问答 Gopal Das, worked at Union Bank Of India (1984-2017)(在印度联邦银行工作) Powerful in what sense? Surely Chinese economy is 6th-7th time bigger than India’s. It’s three major defence s...



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到2050年哪个国家会领先,印度还是中国? Which country – India or China will be ahead by 2050? 到2050年,哪个国家会领先,印度还是中国? 资料图 美版知乎Quora问答 Winston Look at the past, present and then predict the future. In the past, was there any time in history India was prosperous? In the present, the growth rate of illiter...