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为什么印度女人不嫁给中国男人? Why don’t Indian girls marry Chinese men? 为什么印度女人不嫁给中国男人? 以下是quora印度网友的回答: Manish Sharma, Living in Shenzhen, China since 2015. Have seen little bit of China. Answered Jun 5, 2017 It’s just because probability of Chinese men meeting Indian girls is very less, very very ...



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为什么中国比印度富裕?有什么值得印度和越南学习的? Why is China richer than India? What lessons can India and Vietnam learn? 为什么中国比印度富裕?有什么值得印度和越南学习的? 美版知乎quora问答 Ahhaan Badhwar, history buff Updated Feb 11, 2017 Both India and China were once superpowers. In the year 1 AD India owned 40 percent of the world’s...



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相比中国人,为什么西方人的储蓄率低很多?美国人这样说 Why do people living in the west have much lower savings rates than the Chinese? 为什么西方人的储蓄率比中国人低很多? 【美版知乎quora问答】 Tom McGregor, Editor/Commentator at (2015-present) Answered Wed As an American, I can speak from personal experiences to answer the questions here....



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为什么一些新加坡人以身为华人为耻? What are the underlying reasons that some Singaporean Chinese feel ashamed of being ethnic Chinese? 为什么一些新加坡华人以身为华人为耻? 【美版知乎quora问答】 Terry Lee, lives in Singapore Answered Mar 15, 2017 Please speak only for yourself and not all Singaporeans. Most Singaporeans I know inc...



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中国高中和美国高中有什么区别? What’s the difference between Chinese high school and American high school? 中国高中和美国高中有哪些区别? 【美版知乎quora问答】 Younmin Bae I believe I am in a unique position to answer this question since I’ve attended both Chinese and American high schools (I am Korean by the way)...



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中国技术会超过美国技术吗? Will China’s technology surpass America’s? 中国的技术会超过美国吗? 【美版知乎quora问答】 Rod L’Huillier, Lived and studied in China for 6 years Answered Fri Will China’s technology surpass America’s? It depends in what area and to consider that culturally these cou...



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为什么如此多印度人去美国深造并定居?美国生活更好好吗? Why do many Indians go to the US for higher studies and settle there? Is life better in the US than in India? 为什么很多印度人去美国深造并定居?美国生活比印度生活好吗? 【美版知乎quora问答】 Surbhi Dharmadhikari, Indian Answered Aug 2, 2016 Let me tell you why I want to leave India and pursue fu...



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印度正成为最令人讨厌的国家吗? Is India becoming the most hated country? 印度正成为最令人讨厌的国家吗? 【美版知乎quora问答】 Kuntal Sarma, Self Employed Answered Aug 26 US, Israel & Russia are the most hated countries in the world. Yes, India is gradually moving up to the league. My views are based on people’s attitude t...



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中国面临哪五大挑战?Quora网友:软实力不足 What are the top five challenges currently facing China? 中国面临哪五大挑战? Quora Question Details Bot Aug 8 I personally think that their primary challenges are mainly environmental, overdependence on exports, corruption and demographic issues due to the one child policy. Do you agree/disagree...



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未来5年,印度经济能达到中国经济目前的水平吗? Will India’s economy be at the level China’s is at now in the next 5 years? 未来5年,印度经济能达到中国经济现在的水平吗? 【美版知乎quora问答】 Martin Andrews, Asian analyst. Answered Wed Questions like these have been popping up on Quora at a very fast rate, to all the Indians who as...