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2018-02-08 | 分类:文化 | 评论:19人

Is India becoming the most hated country?



Kuntal Sarma, Self Employed
Answered Aug 26
US, Israel & Russia are the most hated countries in the world.
Yes, India is gradually moving up to the league. My views are based on people’s attitude towards India on social media and YouTube comments section.
These are the reason behind it :



Continuous negative coverage about India in mainstream media. International media outlet such as Al Jazeera, BBC have became extremely biased towards India ever since the Right Wing government was formed in 2014. These news networks tries to portray that India is being ruled by a fascist government and people with faith other than Hinduism are unsafe. They continuously tries to propagate to the world that the rise of Hindutva is the biggest issue in India. The news of a Muslim being lynched by a mob made it to the International media in a greater level but Muslim mobs burning an entire village in Bashirhat to protest an FB post was never telecasted.


Secondly, India has become increasingly conspicuous in the recent years. While the economies in the west are slowing down, India has emerged as the fastest growing economy and an upcoming major defense and economic powerhouse. People hate it when somebody who was lagging behind starts to do good and shows potential to surpass them in the future.
Previously India always wanted to portray itself as a modest country and never took a strong stand in terms of international issues. In the recent years, it has come up to be more robust. For example Modi visited Israel but didn’t meet any Palestinian leaders hence clarifying India’s position. When you tend to pick sides, you please somebody while annoy the other.




Ivanov Rasputin
Answered Fri
Invited to numerous global summits.
Has one of the top space agencies.
Has some of the most brilliant and intelligent people, in the past and in the present.
Has alliance with the 2 most powerful countries, USA and Russia and almost every country in the world.
Ever mesmerising culture, tradition, history and art.
One of the largest contributors to UN peacekeeping missions.
4th strongest army, still, hasn’t started a single war since 10,000 years, but is capable of winning every war it fights.
One of the most beautiful languages.
The only country to have achieved the Mars orbit in the first attempt, with 1/10 of the cost of the US mission.
These points are enough to tell that India is one of the most loved countries in the world.













Douglas Pond, Member of Harvard South Asia Institute,
Answered Apr 23, 2016
No way….. Not even close…!!!! As an American, we would rate India as one of the LEAST hated countries on the planet…! We like and respect India…
If you hanging out with people who hate India…. you are hanging out with the wrong people… Get new friends….!
I was going to write a big, long, boring reply BUT the answer to this question is short and sweet—— NO…





Chandra Shekhar Pal, former BCA at S S Jain Subodh PG College, Jaipur (2013-2016)
Answered Oct 3
Yes, India becoming the most hated country for Pakistan and China. Because it has so rich culture, diversity and incrediblity. India is the predominant country in the Asia and yes now becoming in the all over the world.
Actually they hate India since India is became most developing country in the world. Apart from these country rest are love India.




Karan Mehra, B.tech Agricultural Engineering, G.B Pant University of Technology, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand (2017)
Answered Apr 19, 2016
No brother, it’s not hate, it’s jealousy. India is becoming a successful country and others are feeling envious because they couldn’t become like us . India is dominating entire region be it sport, politics or economy and other countries are simply jealous of it.
Few days ago, when India lost to West Indies in T20 cricket world cup, the celebrations in our neighbouring countries is a proof of it.
Being a large and successful country, now we should get accustomed with it as most of large countries don’t have good relations with their neighbours





Aminem Jack, Movies, Trailers, Posters, News and celebrity gossips.
Answered Apr 19, 2017
No way! How could you even think like this. India is now a fast developing country and becoming popular because of its huge democracy. People in India give to much respect you’d hardly find in any country of the world. Google has an Indian CEO and many of Indian Employees. Microsoft is running because of Indian Employees. Yes, Reason behind this hate could be jealousy because of India’s fast growth. India is Getting better day by day.