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What are the top five challenges currently facing China?


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Aug 8
I personally think that their primary challenges are mainly environmental, overdependence on exports, corruption and demographic issues due to the one child policy. Do you agree/disagree with me? I’m interested to hear others thoughts

我个人认为中国面临的主要挑战是环境污染、过度依赖进口、腐 败和独生子女政策造成的人口问题。你们赞同我吗?我想听听别人的看法。


Kevin D. Aslan, Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster
Updated Jun 26, 2017
Total lack of soft power.
I know what you’re thinking – there are bigger problems out there. Greg Blandino , Patrick Liew and Wenbin Wu did a great job covering them, and I invite you to check out their answers as well. From an ageing population, a disappearance of low-end manufacturing to the lack of social welfare and environmental concerns – China does indeed face many challenges.



But these are challenges that all major economies are faced with, to varying degrees – the social net, for example, is still weak in the US. It’s strong in France, but we can’t finance it anymore.
The one thing that distinguishes China on the podium of the world’s largest economies, and its biggest problem, is the complete weakness of its soft power.



But what about this movie? … yeah, that’s mostly Taiwanese.


I invite readers of this question to think long and hard about this one. When was the last time you watched a Chinese TV show? A movie? Bought a consumer brand for the brand itself, not because it was cheap? Read a book by a Chinese author?
Now compare that with the other countries on the podium – the US, the UK, Germany, France, Japan, India.



The truth is, China has had a few hits. A Bite of China did an incredible job in showcasing Chinese regional food – and was an immediate success.


Wechat could have been an immensely popular tool in Asia. I’m a giant fan, and maintain that it is so advanced compared to Western alternatives that Facebook’s playbook with Messenger is essentially: ‘Copy Wechat’.

微信本可以在亚洲流行的,我很喜欢,不输西方同类产品。Facebook Messenger的策略本质是“抄袭微信”。

Brands like Xiaomi are making great inroads as well, around the concept of affordable, but still high-quality and innovative smart products. But if China had more soft power to begin with, I can guarantee you Xiaomi would already be a household name. After all, if your favorite TV stars are all wearing a Xiaomi band, wouldn’t you be curious?


There’s a reason for this, and it’s historical. It’s even in China’s name: 中国 – literally “Country in the Middle”. China has always been China-centric, and ever since doing away with Zheng He the explorer, striving for self-sufficiency.
So the biggest challenge ahead for China?
Learning how to make the world love Chinese culture. Chinese brands. Chinese history. The rest will follow.





Greg Blandino, works at Beijing, China
Answered Jun 3, 2017
In no particular order:
1、Real Estate Bubble/Prices and resulting unaffordability of purchasing housing for the plebs.
2、Shrinking economic opportunities for the post-80s, post-90s, and coming post-00s generation.
3、When that thick part of the graph moves up to retirement age and has to be supported by the thin part at the bottom, so health-care, old-age pension, etc.





4. Environmental damage, specifically depletion and contamination of the water table in the North. Hopefully that South to North water transfer thing works out.
Not really a Chinese challenge, but a bonus regional one: Deindustrialization and unemployment/underemployment in the Northeast. You can see problems 1, 2, and 3 play off of each other.