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Quora: 在中国,犯罪猖獗吗?

2018-02-02 | 分类:生活 | 评论:8人

Is there much crime in Mainland China?




Sthitapragnya Deshpande, worked at China
Answered Jun 16, 2017
No – living here now for quiet some time, I have realized that the amount of crime in China is stunningly low.
I say stunningly low as there more crime in UK (London and a few other towns). I am sure it exists in some pockets but it is terribly low and extremely safe. I would say it is safer than Hong Kong (which already is among the safest cities in the world)
I think it is not just due to the governance, but also due to the way the people behave when they have good governance and more productive things to do.

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Walter Chow, Director, Joesdata.com, where deal starts
Answered Jun 17, 2017
No, much safer than most countries. The intentional homicide rate for China is 0.74%, ranked 194 out of 219 countries. The rate for Canada is 1.68%, France 1.58%, Germany 0.85%, India 3.21%, and United States 4.88%. (List of countries by intentional homicide rate – Wikipedia)



Timothy Soh, I am fascinated with Chinese politics.
Updated Aug 2, 2017
But different from what you would consider crime in other countries.
The reason why most people say that China is largely safe is because they live in the eastern cities where it is heavily policed.
The cities themselves have a pickpocket problem, something the locals might attribute to brown people.



Most of the crimes in China are fraud related. Many of them don’t end up in the courts for various reasons thus not classified as ‘crime’. White collar crimes are on the rise in China.
They also do have a big traffic problem. Again these aren’t considered ‘crimes’ but traffic accidents.
Muggings are quite rare although I almost fell victim to a snatch theft once.



Convicted murders are so rare that when it hits the news, everyone starts fretting, thinking that it might happen to them next.
But there is a bias in their policing. If you are a foreigner, criminals try to avoid you because you are unnecessary trouble. The police protects foreigners pretty well for reputation reasons. Sometimes the locals get the shorter end of the stick when it comes to police protection.





Jamie Cawley, Author of “Beliefs and the world they have created. Lives in China
Answered Jun 16, 2017
Much less then in typical western countries



SI Nuo, works at Teach For China
Answered Aug 1, 2017
There aren’t that much violent crime in mainland China.
However, you do get a few attempts from general defrauds, Ponzi Schemes, Pyramid Schemes, credit card defrauds, insurance defrauds…….every single day.



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  1. Fan xilin
    Post:2018/07/20 12:46:32

    I’m a Chinese. Before 2005 China’s criminal history is rampant. There are many thieves and robbers .But after 2010 These thieves are becoming fewer and fewer.In mainland China, it is illegal to carry guns. Not even a controlled knife is allowed on the street. At present, the crime problem in China is mainly concentrated in the countryside. And I can guarantee that China is safer than Japan, Europe and the United States. 不用担心,中国十分安全

  2. n
    Post:2018/12/12 17:38:25

    Can you sin in front of a bunch of cameras?

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  5. li
    Post:2020/05/20 15:52:24

    暴力犯罪和刑事犯罪很少见。在东部区域,庞氏骗局,传销,诈骗比较多。 如果经常留意新闻可以避开骗局。

  6. 姜文
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