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外国人: 是什么促使你留在中国?

2018-02-01 | 分类:生活 | 评论:5人

What makes you stay in China?



Ray Comeau, A decade in China, interest in geopolitics
Answered Dec 13
What makes me stay is the lack of anywhere else that I would find more interesting.
I have lived in a number of places in North America and visited a lot countries over the years. Some places are good for short stays others for long stays.
My first visit to China was around 2002 and Ioved the place since day one. Eventually moved here full time a decade ago.
What is not to like …..



Huge country with diverse climate and landscape
A history that spans 5,000 years
Friendly and welcoming people if you make an effort to connect with locals
50 recognized ethnic minorities with their unique customs.
An entrepreneurial system in small & medium business, which is driving economic growth for hundreds of millions of Chinese. A place that conducts business 7 days a week.
A very safe country in terms of crime and violence. Safer then the US and Canada. Women can walk outside at night without fear.







A society that is largely law abiding and honest. People will always give you back the correct change. Taxis will not take you for ride. Yes there are the crooks and dishonest people in every society, but in my many years here, they are very few.
Air pollution is problematic in some cities, but it is getting better. The government is acting. People buy indoor air purifiers in Beijing etc. I recall southern California in the 70’s when some days I could not see the end of the block it was so bad.
Good transportation systems. High speed rail and a modern highway system throughout the country, and lots of regional airports.




Food is what you make of it. Most foreigners have issues with the local cuisine. So they frequent the western fast food chains and the restaurants that cater to foreign foods.
E-commerce in China is #1 in the world IMO.
Weixin is the best mobile phone app anywhere with its array of convenience factors.
I meet up with a group of expats weekly. Americans, Canadians, Australians, Kiwis, Brits and Europeans. Some have been here over 20 years. Some will never go back to live. Others like myself go back for visits. Others travel 6 months in the West then 6 months in China.
There are a lot worse places to live.






Clive Green
Answered Dec 13
Primarily, I stay because the people in my life are nearly all here in China. For example, my daughter was born here, all her relatives are here, and she goes to school here. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.


Your environmental concerns are valid, although the severity of the issue depends on exactly where you are based. Food safety can be a problem if you buy very cheap. And there are more than a few people looking to swindle you — if you let them!


For me, the secret to settling in China was forging relationships with the people around me. Chinese people (in my experience) are just incredibly helpful. If you get into the mindset of looking for ways to be a good friend to others, you will in turn be well looked after. That’s the second reason I am still here!