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As an Indian, how do we stop China from becoming a superpower?



Ajeet Sharma, Theoretical Physicist, Indian expat in USA
Answered Sat
China is growing, and it is growing at a very fast rate. This intimidates many countries, particularly the west. They tried everything they can, to suppress the China’s rise as a superpower.
But all efforts went in vain.
India is nowhere near the west in terms of the soft and hard power they have. This means that India cannot stop China from becoming a superpower. China’s rise as a superpower is inevitable.

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On the contrary, as an Indian, I would argue to not to create unnecessary tension between the two countries. Because, in conflicts china can do more harm to India than vice versa.
India should only focus on its people and economy. Creating hurdles in the rise of any country is unnecessary and unethical.




Jordan Valiant
Answered 18h ago
You have a neighbor, both of you were robbed by a robber and became very poor. Both of you work hard day and night to help rebuild your family, your house and to provide food and education for your family. But your neighbor becoming more and more richer than you, instead of working together with your neighbor yoi decide it is best to stop your neighbor from making money.



Mervyn Locke, Enlightened laowai/Decade-long China resident/Permanent China bull
Answered 18h ago
China already is a superpower, and will continue to grow in strength. My only advice to India would be to ditch religion and the caste system, as these are the biggest impediments to growth (not only in India but elsewhere too, by the way).



Qamber H Naqvi, former Inspector at Pakistan
Answered 19h ago
Why to stop? Dont play to beat your opponent. Play to win only and focus on your own goals. Don’t waste time in these fictitious and baseless assumptions and efforts



Zhi Ye Chen, studied at Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Porto
Answered 17h ago
“As an Indian, how do we stop China from becoming a superpower?”
I don’t intend to offend anyone, not all Indians are like this, but this kind of mentality is the mentality of LOSERS. So instead of learning and cooperate with your neighbour because he’s doing better, you want to drag him down so you can look better?! PATHETIC. And to answer your question, NO, there’s nothing India can do to stop China of becoming whatever it wants to achieve, not even the west can.



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    No, India has always been strong, you are the superpower, China does not have electricity, can only make a fire by drilling every day, please ignore us, China efforts 100 years can not catch up with your Indian technology, you can rest assured 威

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    Indian media joins with European and American media to slander China,so it can psychologically prevent China from becoming a superpower.

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