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Are you willing to ride a Chinese-made plane and high-speed rail?


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Aug 8
Would you like to take a plane made in China, if the C919 has made the airworthiness certificate in Europe and the United States?

China has just conducted the first C919 service flight test,which is designed and manufactured in China.



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Mikamocha Yeshua, Researched a lot about countries
Answered May 5, 2017
What’s wrong with a Chinese-made plane or high-speed train anyways?
As long as the plane or train is certified for safe operations, a Chinese-made vehicle is no more dangerous than an American or European one. In fact, there was only one major accident in the entire history of Chinese high-speed railway.
The days of “made in China products are fake and unsafe” are long gone.



Larry Park
Answered Jun 9, 2017
Samit Basu, you are wrong and you didn’t check the fact before you post on QUORA. China’s high speed trains are not only operating in China, China has built one in Turkey, one in Europe, two in Southeast Aisa. China’s C919 big airplanes got more than 500 orders, many from foreign countries . China H.S.T. run more than hundred thousand times, only had one accident . How you can say it’s not safe ??????



Jonathan Poh, works at Atlassian
Answered Fri
Are you willing to use a Chinese-made mobile phone or computer, or drive in a car that has a Chinese-made engine?
You probably already are.
Apple iPhones are fairly well known for being manufactured in China, but Google Pixel phones are made by HTC, a Chinese company. BMW also has an engine plant in China
So, would I fly in a Chinese plane or ride on a Chinese high-speed train? Sure I would, and probably will at some point in my life.



James Moe, Locomotive Engineer Union Pacific & previously Soo Line R.R.
Answered May 5, 2017
I would have no problem with using aircraft or trains built in China, from what I’ve seen in recent years, China has made leaps and bounds in technology, and the few Chinese people I have interacted with in the past are disciplined with a good work ethic, so when tasked with building modern transportation, I feel they would do a good job.



Anthony Dixon, Retired
Answered May 5, 2017
I may avoid cheaply priced garments out sporting equipment made in China. However, I’d have no hesitation riding a complex product such as an airplane or bullet train. China has a huge, highly developed manufacturing and technology sector. No worries.



Ke Xiang
Answered Jan 10
The reason why you have a bad feeling about made in China products is because you have been using Those chinese “export only” products. The reason why your local super market sells those cheap products is because their market survey shows that is what the majority of your local community would afford. The commodity that normal Chinese people purchase has a better quality and their price is not cheap.



Paul Denlinger, Have lived in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong; fluent in Mandarin (written, spoken)
Answered May 5, 2017
Of course!



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