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Is it safe for an Indian to visit China as a tourist at this time of the year?




Tom McGregor, CCTV.com Commentator and Editor (2015-present)
I was on the Beijing subway this morning (as of writing on Jan. 9, 2018) during rush hour and as I transferred from one line to another, I saw an Indian family get on a subway train I had just departed from.
The Indian father, mother and young daughter were standing in line on a busy platform, but I did not see any ill treatment by the Chinese in the presence of the Indian family.



Of course, there was a little girl accompanying the Indian family, so if any Chinese person acted rude towards them that would have been barbaric and cause shame to the Chinese. But when witnessing any other Indians on the subways in past events, including adults, mainly college students studying in China, they are treated with utmost respect.
I have not witnessed any racist incidents of a Chinese person acting rudely towards an Indian ever since I have lived in Beijing starting from October 2010.
Despite some diplomatic tensions that have simmered between the neighboring nations, the Chinese and Indians here remained respectful towards each other.




When I first moved to China, I recall looking at all the channels for and there was an Indian TV channel that broadcast Bollywood movies and TV dramas. I was unfamiliar with Indian TV but at times did enjoy watching beautiful Bollywood actresses dancing and singing.
To my surprise, when my wife, a Chinese native, moved into an apartment with me, I discovered she was a big fan of Indian TV. I would often make jokes about it, but she said she loved the colorful outfits and staged set designs of the TV programs.
My wife also loves to sing so she even sang along to Hindi musicals. But my wife is not alone in her passion for Indian entertainment. Bollywood films have captured the hearts and minds of many Chinese nationwide.




Last summer (2017), the Bollywood film, Dangal, had reaped huge ticket sales at the Chinese Box Office.
Even Bollywood producers and Indian media were surprised over Dangal’s success in China. But it demonstrates how Indian companies can enjoy greater success exporting ‘Made in India’ goods to China.
There’s also a popular Indian restaurant in Beijing that is filled to capacity nearly every evening. It’s the Ganges Indian Restaurant and I highly-recommend it.
It’s hard for me to get impressed about going to a restaurant, but when I was invited to Ganges Indian Restaurant, I discovered a new zest in life for lamb curry.



Accordingly if you are an Indian and considering a trip to China, I hope you come and see the country for yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised to see that many Chinese hold a ‘secret passion’ for Indian culture.
A few years ago, I asked my wife what was one of the reasons she felt attracted to me. She said I’m an American but I appear to look a little bit Indian and she thinks Indian men are handsome.
Well, I would like to tell Bollywood, “Thank you” for making Indian culture more attractive to the Chinese.
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Mayank Khandelwal, Research Assistant at Aalto University (2017-present)
I very recently came back from Shenzhen, Shanghai and some other small towns as an Indian tourist. China is a very beautiful place and there’s no need to be worried about safety. You’ll probably be overcharged by shopkeepers and could possibly be nagged to buy products from unauthorized sellers if you show interest, but they go away with a firm no. If unsure about the area, I’d not recommend night clubs unless it’s a famous one. Please do get a SIM card and not rely on finding Wi-Fi. Most people don’t speak English but it was amazing to see how much of an effort they put to understand and help you out if you try to communicate with them. China is a very safe country and a lot of false apprehensions I myself had about China were cleared after visiting this beautiful place.









Sohail Jumani, I’m one of those backpackers.
I’ve met many Indians in China. In fact in many other countries. They don’t give the damn about what their government’s relation with China is. They’re too busy enjoying their time. No one gives the f*** about these things while traveling. One thing I can say for sure is that I always find a good friend in an Indian traveler.
I’m from Pakistan btw.