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Why do most expats in China hate that place and want to leave the country as soon as possible?




Sheji Ho, CMO at aCommerce
Answered Tue
The bar has been raised significantly over the last two decades. Gone are the days when just being an expat could get you a well-paying job.
Chinese nowadays are just as talented and, more importantly, work much much harder than many expats. They also speak the language so they’re able to better understand what the market really needs. Which means in many cases entrepreneurial opportunities go to locals too.

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Many foreigners I used to work with have either left already or are still there working a miserable low- to mid-level corporate job. Nobody wants to be a loser. What’s even sadder is that the longer they stay in China, the less likely they will succeed at home too. China nowadays is a very unique market (scale, tech/business model innovation), so so-called China experience has increasingly become non-transferrable.
Having said that, Southeast Asia is the new China. You’ll have another 10–20 year time window before locals catch up (again).




Paul Denlinger, Have lived in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong; fluent in Mandarin (written, spoken)
Answered Mon
Mostly because they don’t have a working knowledge of Chinese, and if they do, they are working at too junior a level in a corporate environment to understand what is really going on.
China is frustrating if you are working on a salary job at a junior level, because aside from the work you do, and the frustrations you deal with on a daily basis, there is little satisfaction. China is NOT a good place if you want to take a paycheck home every two weeks because you have no control over the environment you work in.



China is MUCH better if you are an entrepreneur with an idea which you want to execute in a much shorter time, and you want to see the results quickly. Or if you are a venture capitalist who is talking to company founders who are seeking funding.
Basically, there is a strong bias in today’s China to rewarding inventive entrepreneurs at the expense of salary workers.



Now, if you go back and read the Reddit article on this basis, you will see that all the people doing the complaining about China come from salary worker positions. Many of the older people complaining about China are salary workers in China who missed the entrepreneurial opportunity, and can only complain because they have nowhere else to go.
The sad thing is that (in the case of Americans and many other people) these people will return to their home country, and purvey ideas about how awful China is, when the fact is that they made the wrong career moves in China. The western media will gladly pick up on these stories to show how awful and unfair China is, when the fact is that these people chose salary jobs in China, when they should have instead chosen an entrepreneurial track in China.




Matthew Miller, American living and working in China.
Answered 12h ago
I, an American, have been involved with China for decades, and I lived and worked there for years. There are two kinds of expats in China (anywhere):
Those willing to accept and live in another culture, learn another language, eat different food, make Chinese friends, and generally be excited and happy about discovering life that is very different to their own. These are the expats that, like me, usually have a wonderful experience in China.



The immature, arrogant, whining, selfish pricks who like to mock other cultures and look down upon them. These usually only hang out with other expats and only go to Western restaurant and Western bars, where they get drunk with their miserable expat friends and badmouth their host country.
In other words, an expat’s attitude makes the difference. “Most expats” do not hate China as far as I know, but the whining pricks do.




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