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Why does China hate Singapore so much when Singapore is China’s largest foreign investor?




Callan Chua, lived in Singapore (1977-2012)
As a Singaporean in China for the past 8 years, I think the Chinese has been more than friendly to me. And I don’t just mean the people who are close to me like my wife, her family, my neighbours and my friends.
There are the food stall owners near my house namely Ms. Lin, Mdm Huang, Mr Li, Mr. Zhong, who I only knew by their surnames and they all know that this guy who frequents them is a Singaporean, and sometimes I get extra portions because I seem to like their cooking and they are happy that their cooking is accepted by a Singaporean.




There is the supermarket cashier 袁小慧 who I knew by her name tag, she knows I’m Singaporean because she taught me how to use wechat to pay for my purchases instead of Alipay, she was abit shy and asked how come my wechat is using the english language and she has problem navigating the menus, I told her it’s because I’m from Singapore.
And Wenzi who came to my house to repair the air-conditioning, I had a nice chat with him on being a foreigner specifically a Singaporean in china.
Fu who is my regular courier also knows that I’m Singaporean because mine was the first Singapore Passport he has seen when he asked for my identity card to register in the system.




王警官,the policewomen in my area who register me in the foreigner’s registery has always been very friendly to me, she once even reminded me that it is the Singapore’s national day next week and I should go home to Singapore to join in the festivities in Singapore. She was surprised that we only have a parade and a one day holiday when China has a whole week dedicated to the national day holidays.
There are the government officials whom I have dealt with for official reasons, like extending my long stay permit, the commercial department whom I have to apply for permits to do my husiness, the 外经贸 (foreign investments department) whom I apporoached to ask for my friends investments questions. The health department whenever I do my annual check up for my permits, the hospital staffs who were always very attentive to me if I ever need to go to see a doctor, these people are all very friendly to me and they all knew I’m Singaporean.



In fact, whenever I try to pass off as a chinese citizen they are not as friendly, just normal. And I sometimes do it just so that they will treat me equally like a Chinese citizen should be treated! So I don’t know where you get the idea that Singaporeans are hated by Chinese.



Ivan Chen, master from University of Southern California (2018)
OMG please this kind of ill-intentioned questions need to STOP!
We Chinese DO NOT hate Singaporeans.
We DO NOT think Singapore is part of China, nor do we think it should be.
We DO admire Singaporeans’ problem-solving skills and efficiency.
We DO admit that Singapore is ahead of us in many aspects.
We DO consider Singapore one of the most advanced and civilized societies.
And we DO want to be their friends.









Adam Moriady
Calling Singapore China’s largest foreign investor is misleading as Singapore is the regional headquarter of many MNCs from which MNCs launch investment in China. When we compare the FDI from Singapore to China , 2.81 billion US$ from January – July 2017, with that of Hongkong, another regional operational base of MNCs, 52.57 billion US$, it is rather insiganificant.





In the past, Chinese thought Singaporeans were some of us.
But after seeing that Singapore actively acted as a foot soldier of the Containing China policy of USA and worked against China’s interest, majority of people in China are awaken and realise that Singaporeans are NOT Chinese and Singapore is just another hostile country and potential enemy, except most people of the city state are decedants of Chinese, who don’t even consider themselves Chinese.



That is the reason why recent China’s economic cooperation in the region inclines to Malaysia.
Why China hates Singapore so much? Because you get what you deserve.