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Why is the Indian infrastructure so backwards despite the democracy they seem so proud of?



Subodh Mathur, Adjunct Professor of Economics at American University (2014-present)
Answered Tue
You should have seen India’s infrastructure when India became independent in 1947. For example, India’s total electricity generation capacity in 1947 was about 1.5 gigawatts. Today, India’s capacity is way over 300 GW. In 1947, even my parents – educated and better-off, did not have electricity in their home. Today, the majority of Indians have electricity in their homes.
Is India’s power sector in great shape? No, it is not. But, it is far better than neighbor Pakistan. And India is helping Bangladesh. Still a distance to go, but India is moving, including on renewable energy.



There were hardly any telephones in 1947. After the cellphone revolution, even poor people have phones. As in the US, personal postal mail is declining in India also.
Roads were non-existent in 1947, specially to villages. Many roads have been built – but not enough to keep up with increasing population and increasing prosperity. More people want to travel more often by road. India needs to do better.
Flying by plane? In 1947? Out of question. Now India has many private local airlines. Is it enough? No. India needs to do better.




Railways? The trains are much faster. Narrow gauge has been removed. Steam engines are gone. Is it enough? No – but it’s getting better every year. Again, more people want to travel more often by train. Hard to keep up.
Yes, China has done better than India. But, India will not give up democracy for China-style government. India needs to do a better job, even though it has done a reasonable job. Democracy has not come in the way. Roads have to be built in order to get votes. Same for electricity. Elections and infrastructure are intertwined.
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Asheesh Gupta, former Logistics
Answered Jan 7
Infrastructure and democracy are two different things. That’s like saying why my popcorns are not crispy when I have a great coffee machine.
However, point to be noted, is the reason you asked this question is because you lack democracy and jealous of it.




Tejesh Sager, Indian by thought and birth
Answered Tue
India has achieved a lot since Independence, countries that started with are worse than us. We could have definitely done better by sacrificing some privileges that only come with Democracy, but for now the people of our Nation don’t think slow growing Infrastructure is a compelling reason to sacrifice Democracy or tweak it a bit.



Venkatesh Balaji, lives in Sacramento, CA
Answered Wed
Not true that Democracy is hampering Infrastructure growth
Let me give you a example where democracy has in fact helped growth of infrastructure in India.




There is still long way to go for India before it attains ideal infrastructure required for billion people. The point is we are getting there eventually. We are not as good as other countries like US, China, Japan Europe. We certainly are far better than what we were in past. We are making giant strides, still not good enough for billion people.



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