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Why is India lacking in infrastructure as compared to China?




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Jp Murty, former IAS Officer (1974-2009)
Answered Oct 1
Have you been to China? I have.
China is much more than Beijing, Shanghai and the Great Wall. There is a lot of China beyond the huge dams, railroads and projects. Many villages in China do not have roads or bus services. People travel for miles to see a doctor or go to a school. Many villages are accessed by boats. The railways do not connect the country. They are only show pieces.


Taking up huge infrastructure projects abroad does not mean that the country has all its own infrastructure in place.
On the other hand nearly every indian village has a government school and access to medical and veterinary services. Colleges within easy reach. All most all villages are covered by roads and bus services. Indias villages are by and large electrified.



India’s rail network is the biggest in the world. India’s network of medical schools, engineering schools and institutions of higher learning are unmatched in the world. This list goes on and on.
This is infrastructure. In China the common man is not allowed to watch independent TV or read outside newspapers. They cannot even have children. Indians are free.
Do not go by show piece projects designed to impress the world. Infrastructure must make the common man’s life easier.
India is far ahead of China.
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Gabriel Chan, Overseas Chinese(華僑)
Answered Nov 14
A Chinese bureaucrat, an Indian bureaucrat and an African bureaucrat walk into a bar. They’ve known each other for years, having met every year at UN conferences, and they’ve become friends.
But, talking over drinks, they realise that they’ve only ever met at conferences. So the Chinese bureaucrat suggests that after the next one, in Beijing, they come to his house to relax for a few days.
They all agree, and when the next conference ends, they set off. They get a plane at Beijing’s airport, fly to a provincial city and speed off down a pristine six-lane highway to a large house in the suburbs.



“This is a really nice house,” the African bureaucrat says. “How did you afford it on your government salary?”
“Well, did you see that new highway we drove on? I just took some money from the project and spent it on the house.”
The other bureaucrats nod, obviously impressed. For the next few days the three men have a wonderful time, and agree to meet again after the next summit, this time at the Indian bureaucrat’s house.
A year goes by, the conference ends and they set off. They fly from the airport in Delhi to a little provincial town. Then they jolt down a long, potholed road until they get to a large mansion.





The Chinese bureaucrat, obviously impressed, asks how the Indian bureaucrat could have afforded it. The Indian bureaucrat replies, “Well, did you see that highway we drove on? I just took some money out of the project and spent it on the house.”
A year later they are in Africa, and they all agree to head to the African bureaucrat’s house. They go to the airport, and fly to a smaller airport in the middle of the jungle. From there they board a helicopter and fly over a pristine jungle to a large palace surrounded by military guards. They look out over trees as far as the eye can see.



The Indian and Chinese bureaucrats are amazed, and they are both eager to know how he managed to afford such a palace.
“Well, did you see that highway we drove on?” the African bureaucrat asks.
Behind every joke is some grains of truth. The nature of corruption in each region is different: in China, corruption results in too much being built; in India or Africa, corruption results in too little or nothing being built. India cannot seem to finish its construction projects while China tends to build way more than it actually needs.
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