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2017-09-17 | 分类:资讯 | 评论:1人

Does China have smartphones?


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Peter Goower
Answered yesterday
Peter Goower昨天写道

Top Mobile Phone Brands in World 2017 are


1st Placedi : Samsung

第一位: 三星

2nd Place : Apple


3rd Place : Huawei


4th Place : Oppo

第四位: OPPO

5th Place : Vivo


6th Place : LG

第六位: LG

7th Place : Xiaomi

第七位: 小米

8th Place : Lenovo

第八位: 联想

9th Place : ZTE

第九位: 中兴

10th Place : TCL (Alcatel)

第十位: TCL

You know what, 7/10 of them are Chinese brands, so you can get how stupid the question are.

你知道吗?这个前十名里就有七个是中国的品牌, 由此可见这个问题问的是有多愚蠢。

In fact, if you hava a iPhone, you can see “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China” in the back, yes, iPhone made in China.


Tim Chang, lives in China
Answered 2d ago

Tim Chang,居住在中国,2天前回复

Originally Answered: Does China have smartphones?

原话: 中国是否有智能手机?

I am sick of these troll questions:


Does China have computers?


Does China have smartphones?


Does China have electricity?

China is the world’s second largest economy. Probably half the stuff you use is Made in China. China makes the iPhone.
Please don’t waste our time with non-genuine questions like these.


Brook Chou, studied at Bachelor学士 of Technology Degrees
Answered 2d ago
Brook Chou,研究科技学的学士2天前这样回复
Sorry, I have no idea that what “smartphones” is, which can we eat?


As a native Chinese, I have to say that I live below the poverty level.



One of my uncles who was the only person to go outside of my rural country told me that lots of people in the world lived in high material conditions, but they are arrogant and ignorant, I think the questioner is one of these.
Good luck! Be elegant and humble!


Xuesong Wang, M.S from Free University of Berlin (2017)
Answered Sep 3
Xuesong Wang 毕业于柏林综合性大学3天前这样回复

Early this year, i saw our mayor used iphone 4 in a speech.
Usually, people go to smarphone bar to borrow smartphone for 10 or 20 mins which costs around 0.1 dollar.


Actually, we have a lot of options.


i always borrow iphone 3gs, i want to borrow iphone4. It it too expensive for me.


Poor people will borrow something like nokia.
i have saved money for three months, i will buy a nice siemens one. i really want it. Sorry, i can. ot talk to much, i just borrow phone for 10 mins. i need to go.


Matidashe Nduna
Answered Thu Matidashe Nduna 星期四回复

Originally Answered: Does China have smartphones?

原文: 中国是否有智能手机?

China does, of course, have smartphones. It just wouldn’t make any sense if the country didn’t, considering the fact that it is one of the most technically advanced countries in the world.


James Jean, lives in China
Answered Fri James Jean, 居住在中国 星期五回复
As a Chinese student,I started to use smartphone in 2010.The first one is maked by Nokia,which is so high-quality that can break any nut to pieces. It has been used for many years.
So when can I buy a new one ?(not Nokia)


Nathaniel Nasarow, lives in Shanghai (2016-present)
Answered Fri

居住在上海(2016到现在)的Nathaniel Nasarow星期五这样回复

China is very backwards. They don’t have smartphones. Instead, they use this thing called flip-phones and face-to-face conversation. They pay everything with cash and don’t have convinient automated services such as Alipay or Wechat. Both Alipay, Wechat, Taobao, and such are just government conspiracies.

In case you can’t feel the dripping sarcasm from my above post:
Is there any way for stupid questions like these to be automatically deleted? Seriously, I keep getting crap like this on my wall.



Sergey Zetrov, studied Computer Science
Answered Tue

Sergey Zetrov, 就读于计算机科学专业 星期四回复
Seems like these kind of idiotic questions keep showing up on my timeline, WTF Quora? I like reading troll questions and their smart answers but this is really wearing off.


Bob Wang, lived in China
Answered Fri
Bob Wang, 居住在中国 星期五回复
No. We don’t have smartphones, computer, refrigerator, cars, electronica device. But we only have satellite, space station, Quantum Communication breakthrough, and something that you never heard of.
I am sorry but please BE A GROWN UP HUMAN BEING.
Thank you.


Patrick Khaw, former Retired Former Journalist and High School Teacher.
Answered Thu
Patrick Khaw, 前任退休新闻工作者和高中教师 星期六回复
Originally Answered: Does China have smartphones?

原文: 中国是否有智能手机?

Nope. The Chinese use two tin cans connected by a piece of string. And because China is so big, there’s a lot of string criss-crossing the country. People trip up on these all the time.


But seriously, what dafaq? In the interests of keeping this forum entertaining and interesting, these questions should never come up. If you can get on to Quora to ask this, you can Google it.
Why Quora, why?

为什么是QUORA ,为什么?

Zjy Cline, lives in China (1997-present)
Answered Fri
Zjy Cline 居住在中国(1997-现在) 星期五回复
Actually we don’t have, so pathetic.
Most people even don’t have the concept of so called“Smartphones”.
Why? Is that they are too low or too poor to aware of the existence of the “Smartphones”?
Perhaps they just don’t know English, and used to call it 智能手机, which means “Smartphones”.


Allen Chyi, studied at 上海海事大学 (2016)
Answered Fri
Allen Chyi 就读于上海海事大学(2016)星期五回复
come on .dud! r u kidding me ? even chinese do not take cash when they go out for shopping or eat and ect.. they all paid by phone , everything could be paid online by phone, you must crazy !!!


Taiyu Song
Answered Sep 3
Taiyu Song 9月3号回复
as a chinese ,I can tell you ,chinese people have no smartphones , no high railways ,no cars.


Charlie Chen, Marketing at Wallygadgets (2016-present)
Answered Tue
Charlie Chen 在Wallygadgets做销售(2016-现在)
I looked at my smartphone, and don’t know how to answer this question.


Jerry Fu, lived in China
Answered Sep 3
Jerry Fu, 居住在中国 9月3号回复
As Chinese, we don’t have telephones, and we still use telegram to communicate with others who are far away from us.


Raymond Zhang
Answered Tue
Raymond Zhang 星期二回复
Of course NO! I live in Beijing five years, never heard about it!


Sandip Khatiwada, former Journalist
Answered Tue
Sandip Khatiwada, 前任新闻工作者 星期二回复
Off course they have, coz china is a number 1 global market leader …They have everything.. (from nip of pens to zip of pants). I think they have all the products what they wanted..

当然有了, 中国是一个全球市场的领先者。。。。他们什么都有(小到迷你笔,到到喷气机)。我认为他们有所有他们想要的产品。


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  1. Candy wang
    Post:2018/05/19 21:01:10

    NO,I am a Chinese,I communicate with other by mind, even though we need’t speak.我很高兴能回答你这个问题,战忽局了解一下。