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Why do some countries choose to do good, like the US, while others (China, Iran, North Korea) choose to do evil?



Shawn Lim
Updated Tue
Lifted roughly 500 Million people out of poverty
Provides free education to the people
Currently turning desert into fields for the people
Combating Climate change and is part of the Paris Agreement
New champion of globalisation and free trade
Building more infrastructure in various parts of the world( I know some of those places are dictatorships or that this is Chinese propaganda, but they are improving lives of other foreign people)

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Invaded a hell lot of countries for flimsy reasons. (Where are the Weapons of mass destruction Bush said?)
Libya. One of the most powerful nations in Africa turned into a failed state thanks to good old American Democracy (answer edited due to updated facts)
Has a president who thinks Global Warming is a hoax
Has law that allows mentally unstable people to purchase firearms.
Gun violence is a very serious issue there.
Your government literally said on tape that 25 Million (That’s almost as many people as my country’s population!) people losing their healthcare is MUCH MORE optimistic than they previously thought.







As much of a bad guy China is, America has done as much bad stuff or even more than the Chinese. I can name 10 things that China has done badly. I can also do the same for America.
I am a Malaysian. We have border disputes with China. Our PM took a selfie with Obama. I am not biased to defend China. But sure… as hell… you should not be biased in your judgement of another country.
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Jacob Seet, works at Transportation (1989-present)
Answered Dec 28
When I was young, I Loved watching western movies and tv shows. Bonanza, Rin tin tin, etc etc. The cowboys (whites) were often portrayed as heros and the red Indians were the bad guys( savages). Everyone wants to play cowboys not red Indians (bad savages) during our play acting days.
However, when we grew older and wiser, we realised that the actual savages were the white cowboys. The red Indians were just protecting their land from the cowboys.


Histroy had been written to protray the colonising whites as saviours of illiterate and uncivilized natives. In actual facts , Magellan, Columbus, Francis Light, Raffles and Francis Drake were more Likely Pirates sanctioned by the their respective monarch to plunder and colonized . To their respective home countries , they are heros . Raffles had many statues and schools to remind Singaporean of his great deed of “discovering a great trading ports”.
Hence, how great a country is depends how how “Hollywood” Fox, CNBC, ABC, Bloomberg, WWE(wrestling)etc etc wants to portrayed it.


因此,一个国家是否伟大,取决于好莱坞福克斯、美国全国广播公司财经频道(CNBC), 美国广播公司(ABC), Bloomberg, WWE等等怎么去描述它。


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