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Quora: 为什么很多外国人认为中国比美国好?

2018-01-03 | 分类:文化 | 评论:1人

Why are there so many foreigners that think China is better than the USA?




Julian Mintzis, lived in The United States of America
Answered Sep 25
One reason is because China is socially free, while not politically free, and as mentioned by someone already it is a very safe place. In general, while petty crime does exist, that’s mostly as far as it goes. Occasionally there are public arguments or some slight physical altercation, but there are no guns involved! While the US has political freedom, in some ways it can get out of hand easily.

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Yu-Hsing Chen, lived in The United States of America
Answered Oct 23
Because most Expats in China check most of these boxes.
They’re white ( ish.)
They’re living in a 1st tier or upper 2nd tier city
They were relatively educated but not from super high level backgrounds.
I assume most check at least 2 . In this situation Yes China is probably better for them than in the US….. and…. it’s better for them than most Chinese.



Julian Mintzis ‘ answer notes that there’s Social freedom in China … that’s kinda only true for Expats, for locals there’s all sorts of cultural pressure, though unlike the States it’s usually more between your parents to you instead of between peers.
Meanwhile, there’s the irony of how China ( and a lot of other Asian areas) is actually where REAL White privilege plays out, although it’s no longer quiiite as silly as last decade where people literally hire random White guys as poster boys, there is still a lot of icky elements of this.

Julian Mintzis 答案指出,中国有社会自由;这点只适用于外国人,当地人面临各种各样的文化压力,尽管这种压力不像美国是同龄人给的,而是父母给的。


And of course, being in the big cities you see most of China’s positives and a lot less of the negatives, and being foreigners means your relatively free from potential big brother problems unless you go asking for trouble.
And of course, being willing to be an Expat probably put you in a certain category of people, and you’ll end up in a community where it’s mostly birds of the same feather, where as back home that’s probably not the case.




Scott Anderson, studied at Victoria University of Wellington
Answered Oct 9
Aside from various physical and infrastructural points, and having lived in both countries, I noticed the Chinese people I dealt with at many levels were positive about their future and proud of their country. They have seen progress, their lives have got better over the last 15 or so years, and they expect their lives to continue to improve.
Many USA people I deal with or see, despite being “wealthier” in general (physically better off – more assets – higher incomes), just don’t see a future with progress. They saw things slipping, and some uncertainty as to their future well-being.



These observations were limited to 2009 – 2012 (post GFC). The difference in positive attitude was noticeable then. I only imagine it’s way more so now.
To answer the question, I guess the positive attitude of the people that they deal with is one of the factors that impresses “foreigners” strongly.




Scott Davis, Pre-Law Studies Political Science & History, University of North Texas (2004)
Answered Nov 5
As an American… f u c k foreigner’s opinions. We don’t care what communist morons think. They don’t live here. They don’t get to vote. Their opinion doesn’t matter when it comes to US government.



Mike Wenzel, I have lived in China for over 8 years
Answered Sep 26
I don’t think many foreigners think China is better than the US. Many Chinese people dream of moving to the US. I am an American that lives in China, so I am not sure if I am a foreigner or not in this scenario, but few people think China is the greasiest country. When I was living in the US I held the common belief that America is the best country. After moving to China I realized this idea is very complicated. In my opinion, America is only the best at being American. Even though I believe that some might even argue Canada does a better job at being American than America.



Mei-Jyu Gaa
Answered Oct 9
Obviously, these foreigners have never been to China. Just like in 1950s,many Korean people who lived in Japan thought that North Korea was an earthly paradise. So maybe in almost every way, the United States is definitely better than China ,but we cannot deny that the propaganda system of China is really good,and their brainwashing is always successful.



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  1. Ke
    Post:2019/07/11 11:15:19

    Mei-Jyu Gaga are you dumb… as a Chinese Canadian I can definitely tell you China seems like a country that sells cheap products and brainwashes their people to think what the government does, but please use your brain. The government has no reason to brainwash there people, the people like the country for their own reasons. If you have really been to China and have understood Chinese you will understand. The media only shows the negative side of China, and yes, I couldn’t reach quota, but there’s this. It’s hard to explain, but from my point of view it is like this: these foreigners and westerners all think they have a complete understanding of China and its people. China brainwashes their people and do bad stuff and all and the people, of China doesn’t know. Guess what we DO YOU FUCKING IDIOT! WE ARENT GETTING BRAINWASHED you SON OF A BITCH! WHO EVER RAISED YOI AND TOLD YOU THAT EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT CHINA ARE FACTS IS AS RETARDED AS YOU YOU DICK这个人真是神经病