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What does an average Chinese citizen/expat think of India? In India, the media keeps telling us that China is India’s greatest enemy. It keeps telling us that the Chinese media condemns India all the time.



Nitin Awasthi, worked at Infoedge
Originally Answered: What do young Chinese think of India and the Sino-Indian relationship?
I am an Indian who visited China on a student exchange program in 2011. The perception I got is that most of them don’t have an opinion or are apathetic.


Chinese youth care a lot about US and Europe as they aspire to be like their citizens. India is a country they rarely hear about. Even in propaganda from the government, it is rarely mentioned. May be sometimes as an example to prove that democracy leads to bad governance.

One particular thing I noted is, almost no-one remembers the Sino-Indian War of 1962. To China it was a minor border skirmish. The Chinese population (young or old) certainly don’t perceive India as a threat or enemy nation for that matter.


Most Chinese youth I met were very nice people, friendly and curious about India. They were happy they were getting to interact with a foreigner (yet somewhat disappointed that it wasn’t with a white skinned one). Elders were even nicer. They remembered India as the country of religion, but that is not the question so I won’t go deep into it.



Jay Teng, Hello World.
Originally Answered: What do young Chinese think of India and the Sino-Indian relationship?
Girls have risk of being raped on the street, or in a bus.
Poor, like us.
Hometown of Gandhi, cradleland of Buddhism.
Ganges River, which is full of dead bodies and rubbishes, is the dirtiest river in the world.
India’s population will surpass China’s, but economy wouldn’t.
Above are some voices about India I used to listen on internet and I know that’s not true. For me, India is a mystery. I don’t know much about this country.
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Xinchun Li, Mysterious country
Originally Answered: What do the Chinese people think about India?
India is a mysterious country to me, I wish I could go there one day.
Indian languages vary a lot.
I like curry dishes and mango lassi.
Indian women are kind of positioned at a disadvantage generally compared to men.
Indian men are not portrayed so good in media but I know it’s really not true from my interaction with a few of them.





India might be as crowded and chaotic as China based on pictures and my imagination.
The caste system and arranged marriage don’t sound desirable but on Quora here, I could see many young Indian people manage to go beyond it and realize their true self-value through persistent efforts.



Indians look so different from Chinese but I kind of feel we share so many common grounds, like higher education pursuit, work ethics and attitudes, some social rules/habits/customs born into, sense of identity overseas, industry distribution, competition faced, etc.
India has many vegetarians? Oh man, that’s unimaginable in China. I wish I could be a one, though.
India is a state of faith, which I admire and revere. May peace and serenity be always with her and her people.
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Rinat Abdekadir, I’m a Kazakh-Chinese
Honestly, we don’t really care.
The amount of hate going from India to China is MUCH more than the amount of hate going from China to India, most Chinese don’t really know much about India other than Bollywood and Indian food (?).
A lot of older Chinese regard India as a very spiritual place from which China had a lot of influence from, Buddhism might be making a come back as well.



There is some sort of stereotypes:
India is poor
India is somewhat dirty
It’s way too chaotic
Indian food is very spicy
Indians are good dancers
Indian music is exotic



Answered May 6, 2013
Originally Answered: What do young Chinese think of India and the Sino-Indian relationship?
I am an Indian who has a Chinese pen-friend. She says that they usually don’t care about India. Many Chinese youngsters just know that another country exists which can potentially surpass their own population. They are ignorant of a country like India. In fact, they are ignorant of most of the countries except Japan, South Korea, USA and England. Very few are interested in learning about India(my pen-friend for example). The Chinese youth are generally friendly unlike the older generation whose lives are mechanical. According to her, they never smile(the elders) and their attitude is cold and hard. The youngsters are more open minded and try to learn more. But one thing is for sure. They look up to countries like USA and Japan.Certainly not India. At least, not yet.