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What can the USA do to stop China from becoming the number one superpower?



Dan Holliday, I am an American
Answered Dec 14
Besides nuking them and then —by default— committing suicide? Nothing. Get over it. China isn’t going anywhere. China becoming the worlds largest economy isn’t a threat to the US. We’re not going anywhere. Instead of complaining about keeping China down, I have a novel idea: Let’s fucking focus on making the US the very best place on this planet! Crazy, huh? A rich and prosperous China is good for the US. The sooner China gets super-rich, the better. They will consume more and that will be good business for the US. Stop freaking out about nothing.
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Arman Siani, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Traveler
Answered Dec 24
Nothing really.
China is simply regaining its spot as the top dog of the world which it had held in the past before losing out to the West due to missing out on the industrial revolution.


The US can wage war against China although that’s very unlikely. In a conventional war, China would take a lot of damage, but so would the US. According to RAND estimates, China would lose 15–25 percent of its GDP in such a war while the US would lose 5–15 percent of its GDP, assuming the war was fought in 2015. But the GDP decline would facilitate a social crisis in the US and not in China, simply because the US government would be the aggressor and China would be the defender of such a useless war. And China would simply start rebuilding its economy all over again. And in a nuclear war, the US has a lot of nukes to destroy China but China has enough nukes to retaliate in kind and permanently cripple the US.



Coming to the economy, it is true that China’s growth is slowing down. However, growth percent is calculated on previous years’ GDP which becomes the principle. So, a 5 percent growth in GDP for a base GDP of $18 trillion would be orders of magnitude higher than the 15 percent growth rate for a base GDP of $200 Billion. Besides, all nations experience slowing growth rate when the value is high enough. Therefore, declining growth rate, isn’t a problem. Now, does China’s economy have vulnerabilities and will it face an economic crisis at some point? Yes to both questions. But that doesn’t mean it would “decline”. All nations of any significant economic size have faced economic problems from time to time. That’s not really a problem.


现在,中国经济是否缺陷,是否会在某一个时刻面临经济危机呢?这两个问题的答案是 肯定的。但不意味着它会“衰落”。所有的经济大国都时不时面临着经济问题。这不是个问题。

Another argument people often make in opposition to Chinese rise is China’s low birth rate and America’s high birth rate and immigration. It is true that low birth rates cause economic problems, but those problems can be countered by increasing worker productivity. China’s worker productivity is already very low, meaning that China can change modest policies and use existing technologies to keep improving its productivity, and China doesn’t even need to be too innovative to raise worker productivity, even though they are productive.


Again another argument is that China is not democratic and hence, is somehow “handicapped”. But that’s not the case. The correlation between the level of democracy and economic might is pretty much non-existent. All newly developed Asian nations (SK, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan) became rich while being under single party or military dictatorships. Economic development depends on meritocracy, law and order and robust institutions, and all of which can exist without the presence of democracy. Infact, Chinese people, to the tune of 80 percent support their government.


In the long run, the fundamentals of a nation, and not some technical glitches, are deciding factors in a country’s geopolitical power. And China has around a billion people with one of the world’s highest average IQs, and that right there are some really strong fundamentals.
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Sam Adams, lives in The United States of America
Answered Dec 19
You cannot stop China from becoming #1 or for that matter any other country.
Just like you can’t stop Usain Bolt from winning the 100m Olympic Gold Medal unless you can run faster than him to beat him.
Stopping someone from becoming something is just destructive and you will end up destroying yourself in that process. Do it the old fashioned way and compete and win.




Alec Cawley, Wessex man and European
Answered Dec 14
Keep being a better superpower itself.
Note that the idea that it China might overtake the US as the alleged “number one” does not, so far as I am aware, include the presumption that it will overtake militarily. The US might consider whether its fantastically able, but fantastically expensive, military represents good value for money. China is buying power with soft loans, roads, railways, ports and so on. The US acquired a significant amount of its influence by similar means using Marshall Aid. Is there not a lesson to be learned here?




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