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What makes you interested in Chinese history?



Taiki Fujimoto, lives in Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Japan
Answered 5h ago
Chinese history is so fascinating, and I love it because “Romance of the three Kingdoms” and the game Dynasty Warriors, which makes me admire events of the three kingdoms in the past such as Zhuge Liang’s Longzhong Plan,Empty Fort strategy, Sima Yi’s plot to take over the Imperial court, Zhang Liao’s defense in He Fei which result of his 800 men successfuly expel 100.000 of Sun Quan’s troops.
Stories of Tang dynasty is also quite enjoyable, especially the story of Yang Guifei and the Tang Emperor.
I Love Chinese history so much!

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Kyle Thompson
Answered Tue
Honestly? Two reasons:

One: I’m tired of these news about the west bashing China like China’s the only country with problems. MANY countries have civil problems and we should either help each other or mind our own damn business. If you’re going to be bias against a country and talk shit about it then look at your own country first.





Two: My ethnicity (Hmong/Miao) actually migrated from China and now resides in southeast asia. Althought my ancestors had beef with the ancient Han chinese people, I’m pretty sure they still love China as much as the Hans do. I actually want to visit China one day and meet the Miao people because we share history together. I want to visit my ancestral homeland since i don’t consider Vietnam or Laos my homeland. (Sometimes I joke with my friends about it, calling it the Motherland.)


It would be kinda cool if the PRC decides to do a program where they let the Chinese diaspora and even the Hmong diaspora visit or even live in the motherland, like how many african countries open their arms for the african americans of slave descents. But considering the population problem in China, I don’t think they’ll do anything like that. Would be nice though, but it’s just a thought I had.
Love for the motherland!
Sincerely, just some Hmong guy.




Derrick Patterson, B.A History, Bates College (2013)
Answered 7h ago
From the Xia dynasty (if it actually existed) to the people’s republic, China has had a long and very fascinating history that has spanned over thousands of years.


I currently live in Shenzhen, China and have been for about two years now. However, I’ve been interested in Chinese history since college. Although I majored in U.S. history, I actively sought out opportunities to learn about various country’s histories from around the world. This included China’s. The country has gone through some of the most troubling times (Tiananmen Square protests, Nanjing Massacre, foreign invasion, opium wars, mongol rivalry, etc) And still, today, it remains as one of the stronger nations in the world.


China has also been responsible for some of the world’s most useful inventions; the most notable being paper, gun powder, and the compass. Additionally, it has had a number of interesting leaders and dynasties
You see her:
This is Wu Zetian. China’s one and only female Empress during the Tang Dynasty (China’s Golden Age).
Recognize him:
This is Liu Bang, also known as Emperor Gao. He was the founder of the infamous Han Dynasty which expanded China’s global influence significantly.




I’m American. And I appreciate my country’s history, despite how dark it could be at times. However, I believe part of being a great historian is being open-minded to the cultures, customs, and traditions that make up the rest of the world. China’s history deserves to be taught in Western High Schools and Universities. Mainly because of the poor opinions many westerners seem to have about China. The media loves bashing China and making it seem like it’s an undesirable place consisting of strict censorship and a constant violation of Human Rights. However, this is false. With a country as vast and historically significant as China, one would think more people would want to learn more about the 5,000 or so years of history is has before forming biased judgments based on what’s presented from ill informed media outlets.
Thanks for reading!




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    history of china is long.it has 5000 years old.it is the brightest country.having a word:knowing each other always battle always won.western country don’t want to learn chinas history.that is their lost.that is short eyes.中文。