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Quora: 我认为中国一直是个爱好和平的国家,错了吗?

2017-12-26 | 分类:文化 | 评论:5人

I feel like China has been quite a peaceful country. Am I wrong in saying that?



Sam Arora, Life long student of different cultures, travels, history
My primary school teacher fired my imagination about China when I was just five or six years old. The extraordinary thing was this teacher never had been to China or had any exposure to any Chinese person. This school is/was in a small town in present-day Punjab region of India. This curiosity started in mid to late 50 S. He spoke very highly about the Chinese culture, spread Buddhism, very advanced in the ancient times. He continued the extra ordinary quality of pure silk, jade, and its richness.



We all kind of know India-China conflict of the early 60 s and the relation went sour. This battle caused a severe impact on schools, teachers, libraries did not have much interest in China anymore.
I never lost hope; I vowed in my early childhood that I would learn more, visit this great civilization and see myself.



Fast Forward: I moved to Canada in my early 20 s, and I had a tremendous amount of interactions the Chinese in Canada.
Finally one beautiful day, Almighty God granted my wish to visit China, now after several trips to China, I have just scratched the surface of this great country and civilization. Now I know, one life is not enough to see a fraction of the depth of this country and its people.



Here are my conclusion so far about this thesis on China/the Chinese.
In modern times China is most misunderstood country.
I am entirely convinced: Most of the Chinese are very hard working.
I am wholly confident: Most the Chinese are non violent.
I know per sure, the Chinese by nature are extremely hard working.






In my four decades of dealing with the Chinese in Canada I never come across one Chinese person, who talked about war/hate/violence.
Most of the Chinese, mind their own business.
They are very shy, well most of them.
They are not very good with languages.
Most of them are very content with their lives.
Due to my deep-rooted faith in Hinduism and Karma, I believe most of the Chinese are correct Karma Yogis. Even though most of them do not know through Karma, they indeed have found God.







Modern China will be the envy of the world, in some areas it has surpassed the highest standards.
Its growth is unbelievable and mind-boggling.
I am very sure in coming decades when China is all developed, under no circumstances, they will destroy their hard work.
When I visited Xian, Terracotta Army and climbed the Great Wall of China, I felt numb, I remembered my primary school teacher. He was right about China, one look at these two great treasures of China was enough to understand that my work is cut for my remaining life just to scratch the surface.





I am almost sure, China under no circumstances will venture in any destructive methods, they have worked very hard to get there. And now there is no turning back; wars are very damaging.
Please rest assured: China’s multi trillions of dollars investment will not be target for bombs, as in the past Chongqing took 100 s of hits. Not anymore per sure and there will not be another Nanjing rape per sure and there will not any “ OPIUM” trade in return for silk and jade.



Footnote: Btw: I know there is poverty, all China is not developed, yes there are 55 minorities, oh, yes they have a pollution problem, per sure they have had a fair share of bad news. I am also aware some people are miserable, but that is normal in every country we have some who are never happy. Of course, China has problems like any other countries, but the good news is Chinese woman is one of the safest and respected women in the modern world. Also, please keep in mind, China is relatively one of the most stable country, when your young teenage daughter can walk home alone in the middle of the night in Shanghai, that is called progress of the Human kind.




The only best way to measure China and the Chinese: Seeing is believing.
Rest everything is more or is less than a truth/biased/and a blind person touching an elephant and trying to describe the animal, all it depends which part he/she is touching.



In my view rise of China is a boon to the world, think it this way if one in six people in the world is happy. It is a significant achievement of the humanity, now this is a start, the spiral effect in Asia, especially in the neighborhood will be massive. And the next beneficiary will be Africa; one thing is per sure, no there will be no shortage of food in that part of the world. China’s mass scale production and mastery brought the cost of living and consumer products way down.