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Why do old women in China like to dance in public?



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Aug 8
You go around China and you will see this pretty common phenomenon happen at night. A bunch of Chinese ladies (mostly middle aged or older) would group up in some public area and start dancing to loud music, like people would in an aerobics class. My guess is this is some sort of Communist/Maoist tradition, rather anything to do with Chinese culture.

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Gary Almond, lives in China
Answered Jun 26, 2015
This is an easy one to answer. Some of these questions on Quora about China seem to be trolling or deliberately trying to project a bad image of China.


There are no sinister or hidden meanings in why Chinese dance in public. It’s a way to socialize and get some exercise at the same time. Chinese people value health and this is one way to promote a healthy lifestyle. If you ever watch them, they all seem happy. I always wondered what they would think if I joined them. ha!




When I first came to China and saw people dancing in the parks or other public places, my impression was very positive and I thought they must be really happy people. Since then, I have found my initial impression was correct.
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Wilson Ho, lives in China
Updated Fri
My foreign young man , I have to say you ‘re very imaginative , but I can understand ,truly, after all , in many foreigners perspective, anything relate to China can be communist.
So let me tell you the truth , why do old women in China like to dance in public ?



Very simple, because they feel so bored and couldn’t find another interesting entertainment to kill the time , and gather friends to dance in public is the only option they have .
By the way , this phenomenon you can mostly seen in city rather than country because country old women always can get themselves busy.



I know you will keep asking me why , okay , let me explain.
You said old women , then I assume you’re talking about over 60 years old women , that’s 1950s when they were born . Back at that time , People’s Republic of China was just established ,people were poor , hungry and less educated , and honestly saying , they fought for food and warm for their whole life , singing and dancing probably the only entertainment they knew.



We all know that old people usually refuse new things , and this not only just in China, but all round the world. So when the 1950s people get old, most of them don’t know how to use smart phone , don’t know what is social media , and don’t know many things about internet .
Now imagine , you’re one of them , you retired , the major activity is keep the house clean and make food for your kids.



But you still got plenty of time after finishing this, how to spend your time ? you don’t know what is computer not even mention internet, and watch TV is bored to death .
What to do now ?
Yes, go gather your friends to make some fun, let’s dance in public!




I think in one particular moment they must feel like a super star when people gather around to watch them shaking their body. I can feel them , but I will never do that when I get old, it’s just too bored for me, plus I’m a terrible dancer.
I will rather teach my 7 year old grandson how to play League Of Legends when I’m 60s.
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