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What personal habits of western people are most disgusting to Chinese?



John Lombard, Founder of “The Language of Culture” | Consultant | Speaker
Answered May 14
For younger Chinese, who’ve been more exposed to western culture, not so much. But for the older generation, they can find the following quite disgusting:
eating food like hamburgers or french fries or pizza with your hands
licking your fingers (ie. finger licking good)
swallowing a gob of mucus after coughing (Chinese will spit it out)
smelling like cheese, or other dairy products (many Chinese find the smell of those who consume dairy products to be distinctive, and offensive)
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John Garrison, History Buff, Accountant, and International Adventurer
Updated Jun 20
1. In Taiwan I had a conversation about showering with a few friends. They found it so strange that I preferred to shower in the morning as oppose to at night. I told them showering in the morning is pretty common in the US. They found that very disgusting because then I would go to bed with all the dirt on my body from the day. They actually had a point with this one, showering at night sometimes makes more sense.
2. Another thing that some people made fun of me for in Taiwan was my tendency to wear long sleeve shirts with shorts, kind of like the style below:
I get that it was hot in Taiwan, but it was just a style that I sometimes wear and they found it pretty strange, not really disgusting but still something they found strange(although a girl did tell me my fashion sense was weird/disgusting).




3. One thing I was told was disgusting was the tendency of us Westerners to eat a lot of dessert. In China, desserts are usually fruit or not very sweet ice cream, they don’t like incredibly sweet, sugary things. One of my favorite things to eat is cheesecake, and so naturally I’ve given Cheesecake to a few Chinese friends(usually in the US because it’s very hard to find in China). In the picture is below it looks delicious doesn’t it?
Well my Chinese friends hated it, they said it was too thick and creamy and disgusting. One of them told me he wanted to vomit. I was like, “Alright I’ll eat the whole thing myself then.”
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Kent Cutter, Lived in China for 10+ years, worked in various Chinese cities for 3+ years.
Answered May 13
Licking your fingers after eating something tasty with your hands. Might be just Americans though.
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Luis Fernando Mata Licón, lives in Shanghai
Answered May 27
Talking with Chinese and other Asian friends one of the most disgusting things we do is entering and keeping your shoes on when you are at home, even when you go to a friends home it’s not common, and even considered rude, if you take your shoes off in Western culture, but in China (Korea and Japan as well) is the opposite, keeping your shoes on is considered rude and disgusting for most of the people.


They have a good point here, why should you bring all the dirt from outside (where you can’t be sure how often they clean it) to your home where you have control on how often and how well you clean it. After thinking sometime about it it sounds logic.
When I came back to Mexico to visit my parent everyone looked weird at me when the first thing I did arriving home was taking my shoes off.
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Alex Leigh
Answered Sep 19
I have read all answers. No one has mentioned toilets.


This is an American toilet in public restrooms.


This is a Chinese toilet in public restrooms.


Chinese people think using a sitting toilet in public restrooms is unacceptably disgusting. Who knows how many (dirty) butts have been sitting on the same toilet in a day? Imagine it!


Chinese do use sitting toilets in their homes. But in public restrooms, it is almost a NEVER. No matter in high-end or low-end places, almost all toilets are squat toilets. Sitting toilets in Chinese public restrooms are always reserved for the disabled. (laughing!)
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