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What changes have you made after you go to China?



Sthitapragnya Deshpande, worked at China
Answered Jun 22
1) I walk more – I walk to work daily, the pavements are nice and wide so it is nice to walk. There are always people around walking (or old people slapping themselves – Chinese exercise 🙂 ) so it never feels like I am the only one.
2) I live a more peaceful life – not being able to access some websites has shown me how little my need for them is. I am kept away from the crap (but addictive) videos that float around on you tube! The English language videos posted on youku are usually top notch quality tv series and movies.



I really have not made any other changes – I ate fresh food in a sensible manner from before, ditto for my minimalistic life or my keeping away from tv / cable.
I DO read better books though! The libraries here are fantastic and most of the English language books are carefully chosen top quality books.



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Ray Comeau, A decade in China, interest in geopolitics
Answered Jun 19
I use public transportation much much more. It is cheap and convenient and you can go to most places. Just avoid it a rush hour.
I have a car in China but I find public transportation is often the best value. Finding a parking space can be problematic, especially a free one. The traffic flow can be erratic at times with long delays due to accidents or construction.
The fast trains are great for trips to go to other cities not far away. Last month I traveled 330km to another city, at a zippy 290 km/h.




I recycle a lot more. China has an group of people who go from housing complex to housing complex; who will come to your home and buy your recycling (paper, plastic, metal, old appliances, etc) on the spot. Very convenient.



Carl Johnson, I am an American who has lived and worked in Mainland China since 2011.
Answered Jun 20
I walk, a lot!. Something I rarely did when living in the US. It is just so easy to walk to work.
Take taxis for longer distances. Don’t need to own a car here. Taxis are easy to catch and you don’t have to worry about where to park your car.
I don’t buy “Crap”. I now live a very utilitarian lifestyle. Everything I own can fit in 3 or 4 suitcases. Something I noticed about many Chinese, they just don’t buy stuff they don’t need, (Does not apply to the new wealthy chinese although even they do not seem to buy a lot of stuff “crap” “knick Knacks” to fill their homes like you see in the US)



I don’t drink cold drinks anymore. This took a few years to get used to but now I prefer room temperature drinks.
Pay with my phone using We Chat. It is just so convenient. I can see an end to cash in modern society. Even the street vendors take payment using We Chat. This switch was actually kind of forced on me. I took a taxi and only had a 100 rib note. The driver did not have change. he suggested I use We Chat, so I did and have used it a lot since then. (I actually was against using electronic payments before this “incident”. I am glad I was forced into it)



I don’t watch Television since I came to China. Stop watching TV and you will come to realize just how much television shapes your perception of the world. Have not even turned on the television in over 2 years!
I don’t snack (especially at night) and I eat a lot more vegetables. Come to think of it, I eat a lot more rice now. I use to hate plain rice, now I actually enjoy it, although I still can’t consume anywhere near as much as my Chinese colleagues do! They eat such huge piles of rice at lunch I wonder where they put it!!



I shower at night before going to bed. My whole life I always showered in the morning.
Wear slippers in my apartment. Although even in the US we would usually take our shoes off in our home, but now I wear slippers in the home.
Don’t use heat or air conditioning. Yes even in winter we only run the heater before going to bed and for an hour after getting up in the morning. The air conditioner, never.




Hand wash most of our clothes and hang dry them. Now even when I return to the US I will hand wash many of my clothes. Jeans still go in the washing machine.
Drink Tea. I never really liked tea before coming to China. Always loved coffee. Just kidding, I still don’t like tea and have stuck with coffee. I tried but I just love my coffee. Of course I drink tea when I visit peoples homes and am offered it. But I still do not enjoy it like the Chinese do.
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Andrea Bittle, traveled to China
Answered Jun 23
Since my first trip a year ago, I’ve been studying Mandarin. It’s hard because I don’t know Chinese-speaking people in the U.S. to practice with. But here I am, back in Beijing, and I’m trying out a few words and phrases. I know I sound like a 3-year-old, but ….
I follow news about China daily. After suffering through U.S. news, I switch to news in China. It’s not perfect, but this is a country that is moving forward in a positive direction. Inspiring.
So glad to be back here again!





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