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Which countries will China invade when it becomes the sole superpower?



Raman, mbbs Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Degrees, Universiti Kuala Lumpur Royal College of Medicin…
Answered Jul 15
Non-East Asians, Non-Indians and Non-ASEANs do not understand Chinese culture.
China has invaded far less countries in the past 4000 years compared to Western European powers in 200 years and USA in the past 70 years.
China will conquer other countries economically including ASEAN and Sub Saharan African countries but not physically.
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Andrew S.E. Erickson, Former U.S. Diplomat
Answered Jul 15
Even when China was the undisputed superpower of Asia in pre-modern times, China was an introspective one, looking and focusing largely inward or on its near abroad. Even in periods when China had a large demographic surplus it preferred to send its emigrants abroad, not its troops. There is no reason to think this behavior will change; China will always focus on its near abroad. But given that China is not in a period of classical demographic expansion — the contrary is rather true — I think those who fear China today are mistaken. China has demonstrated that its a conservative superpower. Its behavior differs rather markedly from that of the United States and Russia.
Nonetheless, Vietnam, Taiwan, Burma, and Korea will have the same sorts of concerns with China that Mexico and Central America have about the United States. As the proverb goes, “when elephants wander it’s the grass that suffers..”
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Bevin Chu, veteran commentator on Sino-US relations
Answered Aug 8
Which countries will China invade when it becomes the sole superpower?
No need to guess. We already know which countries China will invade when it becomes the sole superpower.
None. It will not invade any countries.
China has not waged a war of territorial expansion for longer than the United States has been a nation.
China has been the sole superpower in the world several times in the past. China was a superpower during the Han dynasty, roughly contemporaneous with the Roman Empire. China was a superpower during the Tang dynasty, roughly contemporaneous with the early Middle Ages. China was a superpower during the Ming dynasty, roughly contemporaneous with the late Middle Ages.



Even when China was at its strongest and most powerful, it did not expand its territory much beyond where it is today.
During the Ming dynasty China boasted the most powerful naval force in the world. Chinese Admiral Zheng He commanded a vast armada that dwarfed any commanded by Spain or Britain.



Had China wanted to, it could have colonized Australia, North America, and South America. No European power would have been able to prevent it. But China did not do so. Not because it lacked the power, but because it lacked the desire.
By the way, Zheng He, whose birth name was Ma Sanbao. was a Chinese Muslim. He made a total of seven voyages to the West. In China they are known as
“鄭和七次下西洋” or “Zheng He’s Seven Voyages to the Western Seas”
Ma Sanbao became a legend among the Arabs of the Middle East, who pronounced “Sanbao” as “Sinbad”.
This was the origin of the legendary “Seven Voyages of Sinbad”
And no, Sinbad did not look anything like Hollywood actor Kerwin Matthews.





Guanhua Hu, B.A Civil Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing (2017)
Answered Dec 9
When we were the sick man of Asia, we were called the yellow peril;
When we are predicted to be a superpower, we are also called the main threat.
When we close the country to international intercourse, you smuggled drugs to open markets;
When we embraced free trade, we were scolded and robbed of your job.
When we precarious, you require an invasion of equal opportunity;
When we integrate the broken mountains and rivers, you clamor for “freedom for Tibet”.
When we push the mariner to save the country, you hate our belief in communism.
When we carry out the market economy, you are jealous of our capital.
When our population is over one billion, you say we destroy the earth.
When we restrict the growth of the population, you also say that we trample human rights.
When we thought we were as pour as a church mouse when you like a dog;
When we lend you money, you are complaining about your debt.
When we develop industry, you say we are the source of pollution;
When we sell you the products, you also say that the earth is warming.
When we buy oil, you say we are plundering resources and genocide.
When you fight for oil, you say you save your life.
When we are in disorder, you say we have no rule of law.
When we are violent in accordance with the law, you also say that we are violating human rights.
When we remain silent, you say we have no freedom of speech;
When we dare to voice, we are also said to be the rioters who have washed their brains.
We can’t help asking, “why do you hate us so?”
You answer, “no, we don’t hate you.”
“We don’t hate you either, but do you know us?”
“Of course, we have a lot of news, there are Agence France-Presse, CNN, and Broadcasting British Corporation…”
How do you want us to live?
Please think carefully before you answer, because your chances are limited.
Enough, the world has not been able to tolerate too much hypocrisy.
We want one world, one dream, a time of national peace and order.
This vast blue earth can hold you and let us.
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