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Why does China aspire to be a global bully?



Bevin Chu, veteran commentator on Sino-US relations
Answered Jul 11
Q: Why does China aspire to be a global bully?
A: Those who claim that “China only knows how to copy the US” are pretty much the same people who claim that “China seeks to be a global bully”.
If true, then a bully wannabe China would copy the US, right?
Last year the US dropped 27,000 bombs on seven countries in the Middle East and North Africa, murdering thousands.
Last year accused bully wannabe China failed miserably in its alleged ambition of being a global bully. It failed to drop even one bomb on anybody anywhere. The embarrassment.
I guess China really does lag far behind the US after all.
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Jasper Budiono, Business Owner (2015-present)
Answered Jul 14
US bombed dozens of nations, killed millions of innocent – you say US is exercising their freedom right.
China building up anti-terrorism military base as per request from other nation – you say China is global bully.
Kid, your 1950s propaganda doesn’t work in 2017 anymore. Everyone know the US government is the true international terrorist. Either US gov engaged in invasion wiping out Iraq, Afgan, Vietnam, Korea, Panama, or US fund dictators in Africa, Middle East, South East Asia to replace democratic elected leaders.
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Roger Gilmartin, Traveling the world and learning wherever I go
Answered Jul 9
Last month, China negotiated a deal with Panama to build formal relations; last month, I stood in the Football stadium that China built for San Jose, Costa Rica, in exchange for severing ties with Taiwan; further China is seemingly going ahead with plans to fund / support a new alternative to the Panama Canal through Nicaragua.
Are they simply buying favor? Maybe, but no different than the US has done, or that Russia has done in various other parts of the world.
Is China being a “bully” in so doing? Not by those actions. They did not, to my knowledge, ‘bully’ the countries in Central America to sever ties with Taiwan, without an “olive branch” to go with it.




According to my sources, the stadium in San Jose was not only funded by China, but the materials were supplied and 800 Chinese engineers and other technical staff were provided to actually build it. It’s fairly impressive. Most notable was that the first football game played was Costa Rica vs China – which diplomatically, ended in a 2–2 tie.
China has watched for years as other pre-eminent nations with military fleets, global reach, massive public works projects, food donations, etc., which were meant to help the one to whom the donations were given, but also to cement the goodwill of the people. Sometimes it worked more than others.



Is it wrong for China as it starts to assume a more global geopolitical role from doing the same?
China is trying to isolate Taiwan, so that, ultimately, very few other countries may notice (with the perennial exception of the US) what happens to it.
It is also trying to drive a wedge between the US and other countries, where it can, by suggesting that there is another “good buddy” to get help from, especially when the other, former, “good buddy” isn’t so reliable. It has a number of other transactions ongoing with countries in Africa, as well as Central and South America.




It is also trying to establish an economic “perimeter” that will set Chinese national boundaries apart from the mainland, very much like the US “geopolitical (if not economic) perimeter” with bases in Philippines, Guam, Hawaii, and other Pacific Islands, and also through its alliances with Japan and South Korea.
China has always had a worldview that had China as the Central Kingdom; now that it has the financial means (provided by the trade balances with the US and others) to put its plans into action.



Once upon a time, when all our money was going to the Middle East for buying oil, we complained about the Saudis (and others) for coming to America to buy up real estate, or to invest the money they earned from us in us.
China, who now holds more of our foreign debt, isn’t about to do anything to make those holdings worthless, but also isn’t going to sit on them and not get any benefit from them.
So they, just like us before them, are going about buying influence, and are certainly playing the long game.
Is that being a “global bully”? That’s for history to determine.
On the part of the Chinese, it’s just shrewd business.
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