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Why is the entire world (apart from Pakistan) unhappy with China?



Min Ern Chuah, studied at RMIT University
Answered Jul 27
Funny question.
Most of the world is very happy with China, especially since they’re really helping many countries.
They’re literally helping the world move forward by helping with building infrastructure, among other things. Not to mention China actively being part of the Paris Agreement. Just look at some African countries like Nigeria for example. China is not just funding the construction of rail roads, but have also sent Chinese people to build it. Even Malaysia has the opportunity to prosper due to China relations. We all want the same thing, and China is willing and able to deliver…at a cost of course. But that’s just business.



China is making the world a better place because they KNOW that a peaceful world is a prosperous world, and China wants to be at the centre of it. Unlike the USA that seems to have an interest in war.
It may not seem like it, but the USA have lost their footing. Once upon a time, I saw the United States of America as the beacon of prosperity. Now, the USA have demonstrated what mass ignorance looks like. Trump FTW right?
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Javed Mukhtar, studied International Relations at University of Karachi
Answered Jul 23
Who said that ? At what forum ??
India of course is in competition with China, and her unhappiness in the context is well understood. A few other countries might also be jealous of China ‘s phenomenal performance in all walks of life. But branding it ‘’entire world unhappiness is grossly out of mark.
Is it India border conflict with China? Hatching questions of the ilk ?? Please sort out the border issues peacefully.
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Madan Limbu, I am a global citizen, but most countries won’t let me in without a visa.
Updated Oct 12
Really? That’s news to me. As far as I know, the only countries that are unhappy with China are India (not always, but currently because of their border dispute), Japan (because of historical rivalry) and the USA (well, obviously). The rest of the world is quite happy with China.
Someone has suggested that southeast Asia is unhappy with China. Well, Vietnam probably is because of historical reasons. The Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei have some disputes with China about a small group of islands in the South China Sea. But I wouldn’t say that they are unhappy with China.
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Achal Gautam, lives in India
Answered Aug 15
There are hardly a handful of countries which are happy with China in Asian region. There may be many countries in other continent which may be happy with China.
As the profile of any country grows, the number of haters also grow. China claims territories of 23 other countries. India, Japan, America, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan are of course unhappy with China for their disputes. China relationship with Russia is good but still many Russian nuclear missiles are aimed towards China. There have been huge protests in Sri Lanka against port and land lease deal with China. Now a days, even Pakistani news channels have started to doubt Chinese intention in Pakistan. When you claim t
Having great economic, strategic & military relationship doesn’t mean that a country will be loved in other countries. When you claim territory of so many countries and do investment for your own benefits in other countries, then you may not be loved by so many countries.
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Tahir Abbas, Dean of Sciences at Concordia Colleges, Lahore (2013-present)
Answered Aug 10
The answer lies in the question( apart from Pakistan). It should be “why the whole world happy with china (apart from India)?
You can go anywhere in the world. Chinese products and Chinese people are present there. This is not a sign of unhappiness.
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