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Does Japan fear the rise of China?



Rinat Abdekadir, I’m a Kazakh-Chinese who was born in Xinjiang.
Answered Mon
Imagine this scenario:
You’re a regular school boy, you have a couple of close friends named Korea and China. You are all pretty friendly with each other, some small tiffs here and there but overall nothing is bad between all of you. China is a pretty smart guy, you copy a lot of homework and try to emulate him as much as possible, all of you belong to the social group known as the Sinosphere with China’s distant estranged cousin Vietnam (who for some reason really dislikes China but is the most similar to China of all 4 of you).



Now you enter senior school, everyone of the jocks goes through puberty and they become strong and go around bullying and forcing people to become parts of different gangs called “empires”, the jocks all like to fight amongst each other and form alliances between different gangs and they have massive gang wars.
One day a lot of these gangs go around to China and begin beating him up for him not purchasing drugs from them anymore, you look at China. You look at how weak he is, how bad his grades have become. He is the sick man of the school now.



You start going through puberty, you are tall and strong. You look at China, China is still a regular freshman in appearance, you think: “What inferior, he still hasn’t even grown a mustache!. You begin to think of making a gang to be like the jocks, you want to be a cool guy not a sore loser like China and Korea are. You get into a small tiff with China and steal his deck of cards (Taiwan) and a bunch of money.
You are now pretty damn strong, you even beat Russia in an arm wrestling competition. Now this is your time to shine, you beat up Korea and force him to join your gang as a subordinate as Taiwan is. You become like the jocks now, you shed your past whenever you talk to them about China or Korea.



After a while you begin to covet China’s locker, it has tons of stuff in it and you are beginning to need more places to store all of your loot. You steal his locker in a small fight where he didn’t really put up much of a defense (Manchuria). Now everyday you are right next to him, you both hate each other but you don’t really want to go any further. You are now the big guy in the Asia hallway.
One day you get into a small dispute over some money, you get angry and beat him to a pulp. You keep punching him even though he was unable to fight back (Atrocities), in fact you decide why not, I want to get as much as I can get from these losers in this hallway, you then begin beating up members of other gangs. They are busy with a major fight in the Europe hallway so they can’t do anything while you are beating up innocents, a guy from the America hallway tells you to stop, you give him the middle finger and punch him (Pearl Harbor) hoping he’d back off.



Eventually the fight in the Europe hallway ends and all the other gangs are hungry for your blood and they begin to beat the crap out of you, a huge Titan named Russia pulls all of the stuff you built in China’s locker and beats you to the ground while he frees Korea. You are dazed and America delivers two big punches directly to the balls (Hiroshima and Nagasaki), finally you agree to surrender.


During the rest of the year you recover from the fight while China is still in the hospital from the injuries you inflicted, you still secretly look at him as an inferior and you are still kind of a douche. You brag about beating him up (Yakusuni) and whenever the teacher wants you to say sorry to him but you give a half ass apology every time laden with sarcastic remarks and a snide tone (Japan’s denialism of wartime atrocities). He still says you are holding onto some of those cards in the deck of cards you stole (Pinnacle Islands)
Now it is 1 year later, China finally went through puberty and holy hell. He is a full 4 inches taller than you and a good 50 pounds heavier than you and he isn’t exactly happy about you acting like a douche to him, and guess what.. He is still growing.
Tell me, would you not be afraid of him now?
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Johnny Bai, studied at Monash University
Answered Apr 13
If I have beaten the shit out of someone and refuse to apologise to him, now he becomes much stronger than me, I would feel afraid. No apology! Apoligising hurts my pride!
In case you don’t get it, “I” is Japan, “him” is China.
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