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Why does India lag behind China in modern warfare methods, despite having a large defense budget?



Balaji Viswanathan, Knowledge lover.
Answered Oct 30, 2014
User has already shown that India’s defense budgets are quite small by world standards. China officially spends more than 4 times the Indian budget and unofficially probably even more. If you spend $150 billion more every year, of course you will build a very formidable advantage.
That said, India is no pushover either.


BrahMos might bring a formidable advantage for India. In 5 minutes it can destroy a warship sailing 300 kilometers away. BrahMos set to become a “Super Rocket”. This is an ultra modern weapon.
India has more aircraft carriers than China. In various Naval tech, India has been building significant advantage, although overall Chinese navy is still strong. India’s Growing Blue Water Capabilities




The money we are spending on ISRO is dual use. In the past few years, India has launched multiple “spy” satellites & those built for military advantage – Technology Experiment Satellite, GSAT-7, RISAT-1, RISAT-2, Cartosat-1, Cartosat-2, Cartosat-2A, Cartosat-2B. India’s spy satellite boost. The upcoming Cartosat-3 has a resolution around 25 cm and might even detect what object you are holding in your hand right now.
With the launch of INS Arihant in August, India now has the nuclear triad complete. This is INS Arihant, First Made-in-India Nuclear Submarine

在过去几十年内,印度已经发射了多个“间谍”卫星,这些卫星为军事创造优势,还有技术试验卫星,GSAT-7, RISAT-1, RISAT-2, Cartosat-1, Cartosat-2, Cartosat-2A, Cartosat-2B。即将到来的 Cartosat-3的分辨率约为25厘米,甚至能检测出现在你手中拿着什么东西。

今年8月,随着INS Arihant的推出,现在印度已经完成了核三位。这是INS Arihant,印度制造的第一艘核潜艇。

Here is a head to head comparison of India and Chinese militaries. World Military Strength Comparison. China on an average is about twice as strong as India, but that is not enough to win a war if it is on the offensive. And Indian establishment is building top tech to avoid any major war reaching India.
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Arihant Sharma, works at Oceaneering International
Answered May 11
I once got a chance to travel with a Retired Brigadier from Chandi garh to Delhi, by train. The 4 hours journey was quite insightful. I asked him a similar question : Where do we stand against China?
What he said was, that these days, wars are not fought in the fields. Nor just in air or water either. Doesn’t mean that Army, Air Force and Navy are not required. He said, these carriers, missiles, jets, tanks – all are great for intimidation. But you don’t want to be using them.



The cyber capabilities of a country hold much more in today’s scenario. Just imagine, if you could hack into a country’s banks, share markets or defense databases. You can cripple the country without firing a single missile.
That’s one of the reasons China is so closed about its internet. Also, they keep displaying their prowess by hacking into the government networks of USA.



So that is one area we need to keep an eye on. I feel there should be a bigger emphasis from the government’s side to prepare a cyber army (which they must already be doing). Would be even better if we can make use of the large Indian IT workforce in this regard. We have the talent. It’s waiting to be given a direction.
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Jay Desai, studies at Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education (2019)
Answered Jun 3
We lag behind China because ;
Relatively Lower Budget : Our budget is low when we compare it to China. Its military budget is of $150 billion which is three times of India’s budget.
China’s defence budget set to cross $150 billion, three times that of India



Home Grown Technology : China has a good home grown weapons industry. India is also trying to catch up with ‘Make In India’ programme but it still lags behind.
Lost Decade of Purchases : India made no big purchases during 10 years of UPA Government. But, NDA is catching up with quick deals of Rafale jets, howitzers and Comabat choppers.
The worst defence minister ever: AK Antonys tenure, the longest for a defence minister
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有史以来最糟糕的国防部长:AK Antonys,印度任期最长的国防部长。


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