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What do non-Chinese/Japanese people think of the Nanjing Massacre?



Scarlett Mitchell, Hoarder of knowledge, graphic IT student, latte slinger
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Originally Answered: What do non Chinese / Japanese people think of the Nanjing Massacre ?
I am an American. I have never been to Asia.
I have no bias to either country, other than a love of both cultures. Or I didn’t, until I learned about this.
The massacre, aptly named “The Rape of Nanjing” has been called a genocide because it was a slaughter of civilians without any reason–The city had already been captured.




And not many, but still too many, Japanese people are literally denying any such “conflict”. Everyone else just calls it an exaggeration or demands “proof”. Some of the Japanese do acknowledge it.
You know how, in the Western world, Holocaust deniers cause disgust in the regular population? This is like if the entire country of Germany continued to deny the Holocaust, or called it an exaggeration.



But like, there are also photographs of young corpses with bayonets sticking out of vaginas littered across the city. Women and little girls were systematically raped, household by household, and then murdered. Children’s genitals were sliced open to make rape easier for the Japanese soldiers. A pregnant woman was resisting rape, so she was disemboweled, fetus removed, then raped after death. This is all eyewitness accounts by locals and foreigners, film, photographic, primary source evidence.
Who cares if it was 300,000 people or fewer?
The Nanjing Massacre is by far the most fucked up thing Japan has ever done, and they literally have memorialized some of the criminals responsible.
Japan needs to apologize.
It was like Genocide for Fun.




Edit: What a response…!
Many have noted the culture of shame and honor in Japan, and how admitting to these atrocities/ “apologizing” would be impossible in that context. I see your point.
But an apology? It acknowledges that these things happened. Because currently, the war crimes aren’t really acknowledged. That’s how things get omitted from schools, and textbooks. That’s how Southeast Asians and Koreans and the Chinese stay bitter.
When bad things like this happen, when humans do terrible things to other humans, it must be taught. So it does not happen again. We must learn history, as an example of what not to do.





Don’t bitch that the Chinese gov*nment uses the massacre as propaganda to distract the people and keep them in line. If Japan had apologized, they wouldn’t be able to use it.
It still happened. And more people in Western countries should learn about it. Why not, just because it didn’t happen to us? What about Rwanda? What about the Balkans, Cambodia? The famines in the USSR?
My opinion of Japan has changed drastically. Before, since we fucking nuclear attacked them and somehow have a good relationship now, I respected what I considered a modern and free country. But this totally changed my mind.
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William Smith, works at Las Vegas
Answered Jan 4, 2016
Originally Answered: What do non Chinese / Japanese people think of the Nanjing Massacre ?
My close friend married a Japanese woman who was raised in Japan and only came here for college. Whatever she learned about Asian history, she learned in Japan, as American colleges don’t teach Asian history unless you take it as an elective, which she didn’t.
We got to talking about the Rape of Nanking one day and she flat out denied it happened. She said it’s not true and nobody has any proof of it. She was adamant.



Now she’s not a Japanese ultranationalist or anything like that, but all she has been taught in school was that Japan was fighting a war of defense and they were helping the other Asian races by protecting them from western aggression.
She wasn’t mad at us. She really thought her husband and I were making up stuff to give her shit about Japan.
I’ve heard of the Japanese textbooks being slanted in their views but that day I saw it first-hand.





Taiki Fujimoto, lives in Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Japan
The Nanking Massacre is one of the most terrible thing that Japan did. It can be seen from this why China still demand an apology from Japan for this.
This heinous act is evil and unbelieveable. Raping thousands of women and little girls, mass decapitating, and mass killing until a death toll of 300.000 only to dermolize the Chinese is really unforgivable. I hope Japan apologize and give aid to the victim’s families.
During my visit to China, I also prayed at the Nanking Memorial, making some Chinese watch in surprise. After having some conversation with Them, and told Them about my view, in response They jokingly told me that I must run for Prime Minister.
I hope our government apologizes so that a better China – Japan relations awaits in the future.
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