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What kind of freedoms do Chinese have but Americans don’t?



Luo Hao Nan, lived in China
Updated Jul 12

(1) Fight with police without getting shot.
(2) Hanging out in the middle of night without worrying about our safety.
(3)Free from ridiculously expensive medical bill. E.g A visit to clinic for illness such as cough or fever usually cost less than 20 USD.
(4) Free from expensive school fee. E.g A year in the best Universities of China costs around 800USD a year, so that everyone has a chance for top-rated education in China.





Currently, these are the things that came to my mind 🙂
There are people disagree with my answer for reasons like U.S has this + that, and thus is generally better than China….. Well, personally, I believe that there are pros and cons living in both countries, and US definitely has more pros since it was more developed.
However, since the question didn’t ask for full comparison, I didn’t mention these aspects. So please only focus on the question… no hard feelings 🙂

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Sam Arora, Great respect for China /Chinese, culture, peace loving, hard work/wisdom/smart
Answered Jul 4
Drugs: China is relatively free from drugs, but it may change with time.
Violent crimes: China is relatively very safe place as compared to the USA.
Women/Girls: I believe the Chinese Women/Girls have more freedom, rights, and equality than the American counterparts. I know, it may not fit well here, but that is the reality.
Please refer to Maya Kaiser’s thought on this subject, she lived/studied in China.
How do foreigners view China after visiting China?




请参考Maya Kaiser在这个主题上的想法,她在中国居住学习,“外国人在访问中国后对中国的看法是什么?”


Women/Girls are relatively free from fear: I have seen it, and my Shanghai friend tells me, a young lady can walk fearlessly through the street of Shanghai in the middle of the night by herself.
Most of the Chinese do not attach themselves to too many materialistic things: The Chinese living styles, most of them live simple lives. I believe less worldly things fewer worries and more freedom.
Freedom to smoke almost anywhere: No smoking signs are everywhere, but at present are not entirely enforced.




Freedom to shop at any time in 24 hours: In the major cities it appears the shops are open round the clock.
A car is not a necessity: In China car is not a must, public transport is very efficient, safe and reasonable.
No need to maintain lawn: Most of the people live in Condominiums and Apartments.
*Total freedom not to cook food at home: There may be families cooking at home, but it appears working girls/boys/ eat all three meals at restaurants/or street food stalls.





*Less worries from obesity and overweight: The Chinese are relatively in better physical shape and it appears they may have less problems related to over weight.
* China is the top producer of vegetables in the world, and the Chinese are largest consumers of Vegetables and Fruit. Chinese consume most fruit and vegetables
Contrary to the traditional myth that Chinese eat a lot of rice in some parts of China and wheat in the other. The truth is their vegetable consumption is the highest in the world.




Freedom from worrying about coffee prices: Most of the Chinese drink Chinese green tea. They consume a meager quantity of sugared beverages, other favorite, and wise choice is hot water.
No problem for spending lonely old age: The Chinese family bond is extreme, and older people are almost worshiped there.
Freedom from plastic cards: I believe the Chinese are relatively less stressed with credit cards than the Americans. The Chinese believe in very frugal living and high savings, basically living well within or below their means.




Freedom of buying alcohol: I know it is not good, but I believe alcohol is easily available, and age restrictions may be there. However, at present it seems these are not enforced very strictly.
Freedom from unemployment: On a face value it looks to me that there is hardly any unemployment there. Regardless, the way China is growing, I believe, the Chinese will have a lot of choices in the coming decades.
Freedom from procrastination and indecision: Things get done mega fast, when a native son/daughter revisit home town, cannot find his/her own home. He/she finds brand new roads/beautiful buildings/ and rerouted street to his/her home. There is no slow pace when the Govt decides something it gets done asap. When you see legendary bullet trains, circling Shanghai, it looks toy trains from a distant. There is/was no limit to connect mega cities with small ones and do the mass scale public transport.




Freedom from carrying cash/coins: It is going to be money free society much earlier than the advanced countries. Total freedom from pickpockets, large vault, and struggle to find exact change.
Freedom to cook anything on four legs or two except tables, and anything which flies except the airplane: It is fair game, with Chinese cooking mastery with garlic and spices, guaranteed it to be tasty.
Freedom to live with your parents/Grandparents included: The Chinese society is a joint family system, married kids like to live separate, but unmarried are not looked down upon to live with their doting parents including G Parents.
Freedom to play Mahjong all night long: You may play mahjong all night and do not have to worry about the noisy game. Most likely neighbors would not call the police.





Freedom to do firecrackers in the early hours or late hours at night: The Chinese invented fireworks. Therefore they can play anytime they like(just kidding), The Chinese do use their freedom very well to display and celebrate with fireworks at any time of the day.
Freedom to break into square dance or any form of dance in pubic parks with music blasting: After all Chinese stay fit and this is one activity they like very much the open dancing. Any strangers can join, no problem. BTW, it is excellent practice; I was very impressed with it.
Freedom to piss and spit almost anywhere: I am originally from India, and I fully understand well, in highly populated countries it is a worldwide problem. I understand well, but classic westerns do not. Well, when you have to go you have to go.




Freedom of a child growing without diaper: The Chinese do not believe in diapers, and besides it expensive and fills landfills. After all, Child is child, let him roam free, and help himself. I know due to my Indian background. Bonus Chinese kids do not have nasty diaper rash.
We have almost same thing in India also.
Freedom to show your bellies: Big, bold, bare bellies seems to be in fashion, and why not males in every species show their best to attract females. Belly is not bad sign in China, it is sign of richness. Think about laughing Buddha.




Freedom of not having doors or even partitions on the toilet rooms:
I am Indo-Canadian, and I be here close to 50 years, I thought I saw everything in this field due to my Indian birth and growing up. However, I must admit this is unique even for my standards.