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Why does Russia support such a dangerous China?



Roan Dempsey, Modern Russia enthusiast
Answered Apr 26 · Upvoted by Xinchun Li, lives in China
Russia supports China because China has 750 military bases all around the world and is constructing missile sites all along America’s borders while doing multiple provocative military drills in Mexico and Canada only 300 meters from America’s border.
OH WAIT! That’s actually what America is doing to China and Russia.
Russia supports China because America is a direct threat to the entire worlds safety and security.
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Rinat Abdekadir, I’m a Kazakh-Chinese who was born in Xinjiang.
Answered Oct 1
America’s philosophy is can be perfectly read in the PNAC or the Project for a New American Century.
Essentially, America wants to prevent any large power from rising in order to challenge its status as the pre-eminent nation on earth.
Did you know in the 1930’s, America had war plans with the British empire because the Brit’s were interfering in a possible greater American role in the world?




Simply put, the US has decided to prevent China from becoming that large competitor, first by attempting to contain China in the SCS and also by bolstering security efforts by American Proxy countries like India and Japan.
Russia sees an opportunity, by having a good relationship with China, Russia can expect to see billions of dollars in investment from the New Silk Road initiative as well as prevent its economy from collapsing from sanctions. In return Russia will align itself more closely with China.
Russia supports China because they both have a common enemy in the USA.
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George Thomas (Ted) McNabb, Security/Technology/History consultant
Answered Apr 26 · Upvoted by Luiz Giaconi, Foreing Relations and Politics post graduate
The answer is very simple – “Because the Russians consider that it is their best interests to do so.”
Now you might ask “Why doesn’t Russia support America when America is so much less dangerous that China?” and the answer to that is two fold
Why would Russia support a country that has vowed to crush Russia and which keeps on accusing the Russians of committing heinous crimes for doing the same thing that it does itself “in the name of freedom”? and




Possibly the Russians don’t see the Chinese as dangerous because they aren’t trying desperately to the top of the pyramid.
Historically, China is one of the LEAST aggressive nations in the world and doesn’t actually show any actual signs of being otherwise today.
What the Chinese “threat” is is the “threat” to dislodge the United States of America from the political and economic dominance of Asia that it has enjoyed ever since it encouraged Japan in its desire to invade and conquer Korea (or didn’t you know that President Roosevelt (Teddy not Franklin) gave the Japanese the tacit green light for that little dust-up).
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Answered May 4
dangerous: involving or causing danger or risk; liable to hurt or harm
Please show me some evidence of China’s being dangerous.
And by the way,
Why do you have such a limited mind?
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Ron Warrick, former Pharmaceutical Engineer at Bristol-Myers Squibb
Answered May 2
What’s the evidence for China being dangerous? Nobody’s perfect, but I almost see China as a model of how a superpower should act in the world. I can see why many people see the US as far more oriented toward indiscriminate violence.
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Bevin Chu
Answered Apr 25
The “question” is not so much a question, as a flagrantly biased assertion.
Russia supports China because it realizes that the US Empire is the most dangerous force on earth today. It needs China to ward off US aggression.
The US Empire, not China or Russia, has troops and weapons positioned in a threatening manner against most of the major nations in the world.
The US Empire, spends over ten times as much on its military as the next dozen nations COMBINED, many of which are US allies.
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Eric Charlie
Answered May 6
Why is China dangerous?
Because you’re brainwashed by propaganda.
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