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Why do so many people like China?




Usama Ahmad, From Pakistan.
Updated Nov 17
I was once part of a government delegation to Italy to partake in a conference being held by energy industries world wide. It was a pretty diverse event. There were speeches by energy experts on a variety of energy related topics. Panels that debated the future of the energy industry (the Nuclear Energy proponents vs Anti Nuclear energy lobby had some fiery debates!). We had some activities in which we would come up with our own amateurish proposals to resolve energy issues in the developing and developed world.
Perhaps the most time was dedicated to the exhibitions where different industries set up their booths which would offer company products and services to prospective clients.



The exhibitions weren’t really of much interest to us. The company employees knew Pakistan was “small fry” (back in 2007 we didn’t have much purchasing power or budget dedicated to energy related issues). So we Pakistanis were largely ignored by the American and European execs who were more interested in the big fish like Saudis, India, China, Brazil etc. We just mostly meandered about.
During one of our strolls, we passed the Chinese delegation. All serious, taking notes, being engaged by this stunning Italian woman from Shell i think who was explaining some kind of product to the head of the Chinese delegation.



We stood a bit to the side and listened in politely, when the head of the Chinese delegation caught our eye, offered a friendly smile and handshake and asked if we were waiting for them to finish up.
“Oh no no, please continue.”, we replied. “Just wanted to say hi, we’re from Pakistan”
The Chinese gentleman’s face lit up instantly. “Pakistan!” He shook my hand warmly “Our brother!” he exclaimed.
It was quite a moment. I remember every tiny detail from it even till today. The Italian lady’s surprise at how warmly we were being greeted. The other booth employees turning around to see what all the fuss was about. Their own looks of surprise at how the small fry, largely ignored Pakistani delegation was being treated so warmly by the most watched delegation of all, the Chinese.





It’s these small moments, these isolated incidents of human magic that people tend to miss out when they get confused over why China is so well liked by many of the developing world nations. Over the course of the conference, i interacted with other delegations from Africa, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and so on and they all had the same respect and positive impression for the Chinese delegation. Whether it was a delegate from Africa or Asia, no matter what their country’s size and importance, they were treated warmly and with mutual respect by the Chinese as if their country was the same as China in size, importance and power.
Several analysts and commentators want to see something empirical, some hard data that quantifies this respect, that explains scientifically why China is held in a high opinion by developing world countries. They look at investments and trade, look at China’s growing foreign worker and student populations, analyze the spread of Chinese media.




And of course, they do hold true on their own. You can see from this entire thread the vast variety of reasons why people like China (economic might, non-interference in other country’s affairs, an affinity for Chinese culture etc).
So take my answer as one part of the entire canvas of reasons being presented here when i say that a lot of developing nation people, be it government employees or just common folk everywhere, like China because the Chinese still consider themselves as one of us. Not imperial overlords or racial superiors or strict masters and so on. But comrades to the developing world, partners in our struggles and a developing country just like us who share in our troubles, concerns and visions for a mutually beneficial future.



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William Gary, works at Government
Answered Aug 24
I’m writing as a visitor to China. I have visited China every year for 10 years for a month or more at a time.
I really like China, I’m comfortable in China.
One of the reasons I like China is that you know your not in “Kansas” anymore. I live in Connecticut in the US and going to China is an eye opening experience. At first my Chinese fiancée did not want to let me out of her sight. She was afraid I would get scammed. She should not have been worried.




I love the street food, so cheap, so good.
I love the differences in the cities. Some are industrial, some business centers, some historical, some touristy, China has it all.
I love the fact that everything if you look hard enough can be purchased on the cheap.
I love the fact that the buses, motorcycles, trains and airfare is either economical or cheap. I remember a ride on a small motorcycle, all three of us.



Most of all, I love the people. I qualify to be called a senior citizen. In China older people are respected. People will offer me their seats on a bus (it’s usually the other way around, I alway offer my seat to the elderly, pregnant women, or women with children). I have found Chinese people to be very friendly usually offering to come over their house for dinner or some other form of activity such as karaoke, spa/massage or dancing.
If you want to visit someplace that is not anything like you have seen in the USA go to China, you’ll love it.
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