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Why do the Chinese eat dogs?



Kevin Qi, Abc, went to China when I was 11
Answered Aug 29
I recently asked two of my Chinese friends why they ate dog meat. They said in the rural areas where they’re from, dogs are treated like livestock. Just like how farmers raise cattle for their milk and meat, they raised dogs for their meat and to alert them when intruders entered their homes. From this perspective, I can see why eating dog meat for them is nothing out of the ordinary.
They also said dog meat had a certain taste and texture that other meats didn’t have.
Although I would never eat dog meat, that doesn’t give me the right to criticize them and force my beliefs onto them.
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Kiki Schirr, studied at Nanjing University
Answered Aug 20 · Upvoted by Erika Wiggins, I trained all of my dogs to Canine Good Companion standards.
Not all Chinese people eat dogs. In fact, the Yulin dog festival that everyone points to as horrific was nearly cancelled this year and I don’t think it will last much longer.
But as Westerners (I’m assuming you are one from your rather broad question) we should really be asking ourselves: why is eating dog wrong?
Is it because they’re cute? Because baby cows are pretty darn adorable.
Is it because they’re smart? Because pigs are smarter! Move over Lassie: Tests reveal pigs can outsmart dogs and chimpanzees
Is it because they make great pets? Because so do goats, ducks, and chickens.
Maybe the question isn’t “Why do the Chinese eat dogs?”
Maybe the question is “Why do people eat meat?”
…and the answer is: it’s tasty and we don’t have to watch the animal being killed. The same is true for eating dog in China as eating pig in the West.
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Tait Lawton, Done business with China since 2001, lived in China 7 years. Likes baijiu.
Answered Apr 10
Dogs are edible and nutritious. There’s a perception that eating dog meat can help keep one warm in the winter. Some also probably simply tried dog meat and liked it. Finally, they may have experienced dog meat as part of a a family tradition.
Many (most) Chinese do not eat dogs. Their reasons for that are that they like to have dogs as pets, don’t agree with how dogs are farmed for meat or just don’t like the taste of dog meat.
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Christopher VanLang, FOOOOOOD!!!!!!!
Updated Jun 12, 2014
Very simply, it’s because Chinese don’t have the same type of relationship with dogs as westerners do.
Westerners are horrified by the concept of Asians eating “man’s best friend” but what if they aren’t your best friend? Consider what Hindu’s think of Westerners slaughtering their sacred bovine religious symbol in great numbers.
Asian people eat dogs because like many other animals, they are a source of meat. It only sounds weird because Westerners have decided to put an arbitrary value on man-dog love.
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Jay Ng, Chaozhou Tour Guide, 16 years as a Teochew speaker.
Answered Jul 28
One of the things that bothers me a lot in the US is people’s curiosity of what Chinese people eat. Got asked if I eat dog or cat is not news.
If you are one of the people who are curious, here is the answer:
We don’t consider a specific species for a specific usage, and we don’t eat pets.
We don’t feel hungry when we see a dog and start eating them as soon as we see one, even people who love eating them will not react like that, they will just be like what you will react when you see a chicken or cow.
We know the difference between food animals and pet animals.
We think all the species are equal except human are supreme, therefore there are no “jobs” for a specific kind of animal, such as horses for riding, pigs for food, dogs & cat for pets.
So there’s no such thing as you can’t keep a chicken as a pet (I had lol), or you can’t eat a horse because they are for riding.







According to this ideology, there’s no problem if you want to eat your chicken or pet your chicken, or even ride your chicken if you can.
So when a dog, cat, chicken, cow, sheep or whatever you pick is used as a pet, we don’t eat them. But when a dog, cat, chicken, cow, sheep or whatever you pick is used as a food supply, you eat it, because that’s the reason you are keeping a animal for food.
It’s not like we have special preferences to eat cute animals and pets, we just eat whatever is kept for food supply, it could be anything.
It’s pretty funny to see how pet animals are so protected while food animals are having a horrible life in the US.
I mean, they are all animals, why are people being so “speciesist” and treating them so differently?
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