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Is China the worst country?



Dimitri Vallette, Director of Events at Mars Media (2014-present)
Answered Mon
I don’t get how such questions make it on Quora. What’s the thoughts behind such a question? “The Chinese gov*ment block Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram just to name a few. What an awful way to live!!!”
Let me tell you something. I’m a French who has been living in China for close to three years, and I would be lucky to stay there for a decade! China is a wonderful country with an extremely rich culture and traditions.



They have fantastic landscapes; in fact, many were used for movies. Remember Mission Impossible 3? Remember the end of this movie? It was shoot in Xitang, an ancient village close to Shanghai. It’s a wonderful ancient village. Shall I mention Avatar?
Chinese people are very kind despite what you may read on the news… Over 1,3 billion of Chinese live in China, you can’t expect all of them to be exemplary. There are stupid people in every country in the world. In fact, Chinese are smart, but we barely give them any credit because of the fake goods the produce. It’s unfortunate, but once again, there are stupid people everywhere.



Living in China — especially in the larger cities such as Shanghai and Beijing — is wonderful. It may be trickier to live in the smaller cities if you don’t speak Chinese, but it’s definitely not a “horrible” experience, far from it. With an open mind, you can live almost everywhere.
Knowing this, compare China with countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea and countless of countries in Africa. I DARE you to tell me that China is a bad country, let alone the worst in the world. For you to say such a dumb thing, I’m guessing you have never traveled outside of your country and you just read what the media say except that none of them labeled China as a bad/worst country in the world.



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Wen Ling, studied at New York City
Answered May 25 · Upvoted by Xinchun Li, lives in China
China is non-western,
China is commie
China is non-democratic in Western sense
China ruled by a leader not by public votes
China is crowdy
China still has 40 million people in absolute povery
China is still heavily polluted
China is short of beautiful women for men to marriage
some Chinese are rude overseas
China consume too much materials and energy so the earth maybe blowed

so You can try to finish this list by yourself…

But I am proud to be Chinese.






Robin Frunto, A Chinese, travelled to US many times for business purposes.
Answered May 30
Show me a good country so that I can judge if China is worst or not.
I am a Chinese, When I was in elementary school, My parents can’t afford my tuition, about 1$ each semester. We usually didn’t have dinner for shortage of food at that time.
Now I have a Job, a nice car, enough saving for my kid, travel one or tow times each year.
By my common sense, I don’t think it’s such bad. But who knows, maybe other countries are much much better… good, bad, best, worst are comparing results, show me some benchmarks.






Sulav Karki
Answered Apr 1
Yes a Country with thousands of years of history and tradition, which has pulled more people out of poverty (hundreds of millions) than any country on history and all of that without democracy is a worst Country right.
Come on, no country in itself is worst or bad. Some people living there maybe but you cannot generalise.
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Anoop Saxena, works at Self-Employment
Answered Apr 5
Exactly in what terms? I have just come back from China and while I had issues with food (it’ not exactly a vegetarian paradise), people were wonderful. Life of an ordinary Chinese guy is pretty decent. Fantastic public transport. They mix scientific medical treatment with non-proven traditional therapies but that is true for more than half the world. The women are not just safe (a thing I want desperately in India) but their equality is almost unquestionable. In all, it is a nation that is developing, has its fair share of issues that every nation has and people are just like how they are anywhere else.

Chinese women are so gorgeous but thats for another question.
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    For a long time, under the misleading of European and American media, people in other countries and even some Chinese have always thought that China is a country ruled by a leader. this is a wrong idea and a complete misunderstand of Chinese political system. In fact, China is a country under collective leadership, but not a leader.In China,This collective leadership structure is the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee(the core is the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee). The country’s Fundamental policy and major policies must be decided by the collective discussion of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee,but by a leader.One of the advantages of such collective leadership is that it can ensure the correctness of policies.


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