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Why is China so uncivilized?



Dimitri Vallette, Director of Events at Mars Media (2014-present)
Answered Tue
You are asking this question like it’s a fact rather than an opinion.
I’ve been living in Shanghai for close to three years, stayed for a short period of time in several cities, and I find most Chinese to be fascinating. I’m fascinated by how connected they are with their history. I honestly don’t have many complaints about Chinese people.
It’s been a pleasure getting to know more and more Chinese people. Some of them can be an embarrassment when they travel to whatever country, but I have plenty of stories to share about foreigners doing awful things in China too.
Spend some time in China, and you will have a completely different view than now.





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David Barry, Fortunate To Have Lived in The Far East For Many Years.
Answered Tue
I defend China so much because I lived there for ten years. China is a very safe country with very modern and convenient cities. The infrastructure including the public transport is very advanced and the standard of living is always on the rise. There is a very low crime rate and the people have a very good attitude towards social behavior and family and community values. I am sick of comparing China to my own country. Tonight, for example on the news in my own country there are terrible reports of youths assaulting emergency service workers. This would never happen in China. China is a very civilized country with an incredibly long history of civilization. The second largest economy. Or now probably the largest. The government is working incredibly hard to develop renewable sources of power and preserving the environment. Certainly, as far as social problems are concerned, it is much more civilized than many western countries.




Nik Phillips, CEO of Cultural Content Company
Answered Nov 2
Oh my goodness. Such questions are so embarrassing, made by stupid ignorant westerners. My travels to China began 10 years ago (I’m Australian). I have met the best people I have ever met in China. Not only are they highly civilised, they also have a deep cultural history. Whoever posted this question – please stop being so ignorant. You are an embarrassment.



Alex Hunter, lives in China
Answered Wed · Upvoted by Dong Ming, lived in China (1985-1995)
You must be living under a rock. Why are you asking such a rude and stupid question when you don’t know about China at all? Or maybe I should go to ask the question: Why there are so many fools who always treat China with prejudice.
And my answer:China is civilized,Chinese is civilized,especially more civilized than you.:)




Matthew Miller, American living and working in China.
Answered 18h ago
This is a very biased, bigoted, and uninformed question, and I suspect it is a prank or a troll. The word “civilized” is a loaded, non-preferred term these days, because it implies that your culture is the world standard, and anyone who is any different is inferior. Go live and work all over China for several years, and you will see that it is a wonderful country in so many ways.



John Garner, former Retired I.U.P.A.T. member, vote in every election.
Answered Tue
I’ve heard so many beautiful things about China, and if I could visit any foreign country in the world, China would be at the top. I’m sure every country has issues or problems. I sure know the USA has some serious problems itself. From news reports I’ve seen, I only wish China would do more to help the people that escaped North Korea, and would like to see more fair trade relations with the US and China.



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