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Are Chinese people thankful to the West for the investment that has taken 500 million Chinese out of poverty and allowed China to become a superpower?



Robin Daverman, World traveler
Answered May 19 · Upvoted by Xinchun Li, lives in China
Are Chinese people thankful to the West for the investment that has taken 500 million Chinese out of poverty and allowed China to become a superpower?
Well, first, the Chinese should thank the Chinese people, because their own productivity far outstrips FDI. Even during the early times when China was very poor, just opening up, FDI was never more than 6.5% of its GDP, and trending down from there all the way. So obviously China should thank herself about, eh, 15 to 25 times more than to all foreign investors.

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Secondly, China should thank overseas ethnic Chinese about 20 times more than Westerners, because it turned out that the vast majority of “foreign investors to China” are other ethnic Chinese.


Wow, look at that, US accounted for 3%, and UK 1%. Wonderful!
So let’s see, hmm, 1% of 5% of China’s total GDP… 0.05%? OK. Thank you so much, dear West!!
Thirdly, now, China invests as much into foreign countries as foreign countries invest into China. In fact, China now invests more into Western Countries than vice versa. So maybe the West is now thankful to China for her investment?




Jokes aside, China is thankful, and she’s hoping that this appreciation is mutual. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right? I mean, she is kinda hoping that the Westerners would show more love for the Chinese investment than they are showing right now…

But let’s not over-play this angle, because the numbers simply don’t support it. There are a heck of a lot of people China is even more thankful to, like a whole bunch of Chinese who put their blood and sweat into the game to build China up for the last 70 years. Also the timing for this demand of appreciation can’t be worse, because the Chinese will very reasonably demand the same thing from the West, as their own outflow FDI is set to grow for the next 20 years. And dude, what are you going to do then? Like penciling in on your calendar “show appreciation to China for the Chinese investment” for the next twenty years? Well f*ck me!




Andrew Bywaters, I’m a pastor with a philosophy degree
Answered May 23
Investment is not charity…they should be thankful in the way that I”m thankful for Honda providing me with a car in exchange for over $20k, or I’m thankful for Costco allowing me to take the groceries out of their store after giving them my money, or I’m thankful to the barista at Starbucks after he gives me my coffee in exchange for a few bucks. And I’m sure Honda and Costco and Starbucks are just as thankful for me. China should be thankful for the West, and we should be thankful for hundreds of millions of nameless Chinese leaving their families and homes in Yinchuan and Lanzhou and XiAn to work 12 hour shifts six days a week at ridiculously low wages in factories in Shenzhen and Guangzhou and Xiamen, radically reducing prices of consumer goods and putting trillions of dollars into the pockets of struggling working class Westerners




Paul Denlinger, Have lived in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong; fluent in Mandarin (written, spoken)
Answered May 19
Why should the Chinese people feel thankful?
Business investments were made because the investors were seeking return on their investment, not because they wanted to help China and Chinese.
You are mixing business up with charity; the two are unrelated.
Moving China out of poverty was something certain government and social policies did, along with the hard work of the Chinese people themselves; it had nothing with investors making investments.






William Wang, M.E. from Chongqing University
Answered May 25
it’s business things,not charity.
now,China invest more into western countries,did westerns be thankful to China?just search on quora,there are so many questions like this:is China colonizing Africa?is China colonizing pakistan?is China colonizing Australia?is China colonizing Asia?
the west invest China and we Chinese should thank them that allowed us become a superpower;while China invest other countries like Africa,pakistan to reach a win-win result,it becomes colonize.LOL





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