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Are Chinese more intelligent than Indians?



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Martin Devasia, Interested in everything!
Answered Sep 8, 2016
Yes they certainly are, India currently has an average IQ of 81–85 something in the range of Arab Nations and slightly higher than African countries, as compared to China which has an average IQ of 112–115 which is much higher than India’s, this also explains why China is far ahead of India in almost every aspect, they are also more significantly harder working than Indians, though one must take into account the massive poverty and malnutrition levels of India which have a negative impact on its average IQ, maybe when India achieves a level of development similar to China’s today, then I predict the average IQ level of India to be atleast 100 or slightly more, also it depends on the region of India, Gujarati’s and South Indians certainly have higher IQ than north Indians as these regions are more developed, when South India achieves a level of development similar to China’s today, then I predict their average IQ to be 110–112. Though if it comes down to average IQ then China will always have a higher average IQ than India simply because of how diverse India is.






Naresh Yadav
Answered May 9, 2016
Having worked with the the Chinese, the Koreans and Japanese, I have a hunch that their visio spatial skills are of higher order than Indians.This become apparent when you consider their lead in consumer goods like phones, Television etc.
I cannot comment on the verbal and analytical skills as most them don’t study with English as their primary language and therefore may not be able to express themselves well.Even on this subject people of chinese Ethnicity in Malaysia and Singapore, who do have English as their primary language,do almost as well as Indians.




Sayan Chaudhuri, B.E. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology,…
Answered Oct 28, 2014
They aren’t, it seems to be !
If all indians are given same tutorial they would be more intelligent than chinese – the intelligence is not something you are born with, you have to nourish it !



Michael Lee, BSCS
Answered Jul 23, 2016
statistically yes, the reason why Indians in america is doing very well is because the Indians in america are the best of India, while the best of china stay in china, that’s why china is progressive and India is not. Indians in US is brain draining India.



Answered Dec 15, 2016
Chineses are smarter than Indians for sure. Especially, chineses always want to learn new things. While Indians have a better social skills and their language is closer to indo-European language background so that Indians have more benefits to learn English. It’s true. So, Chineses and Indians are different. Your question is actually confusing. Are you asking about learning English ability or learning deep knowledge? Or good business skills? Etc…



Keith Salerno, works at PricewaterhouseCoopers
Answered Nov 2, 2016
Overall China is more “developed” than India, whichever way you look at it. And the possible reasons are : let’s face it – Chinese are more hard working and disciplined than Indians. But also because Chinese autocratic governance have far higher enforcement abilities in their disposal.
Coming to the argument of “intelligence” : China is ethnically and culturally very homogeneous Nation. And Chinese gover*nt have created far more effective (and mandatory) school education system, which undoubtedly makes a random sample of Chinese school students better performing than Indian counterparts.
Real comparison would be comparing Indian and Chinese creme de la creme – the brain drain immigrants in “neutral” grounds like USA or UK. And there they perform equally well. However, if Corporate presence in high-skilled STEM sector is any indicator, then Indians outperform the Chinese.




Even in Chinese dominated Singapore, Indian origin school students outperform Chinese in more technically intensive A level (in spite of lagging behind both Chinese and Malays in more rote-learning dependent O-level ). Google : Indian Singaporeans (Wiki). Additionally Indians are more likely to have tertiary education than any other migrant groups.
This analysis doesn’t “prove” by any stretch that as a RACE, Indians are better than Chinese. Just like Shanghai school students’ Maths and reading comprehension scores doesn’t prove otherwise.




Rajiv Satyanarayana, Student of Indian History
Answered Sep 3
It is difficult to ascertain, though I have heard many Indians admit to that effect in private. I personally have a hearty contempt for these IQ tests, especially when measured across countries (such as these Why China Is Far Superior To India) . Like any civilized modern man, I frown upon the whole idea of thinking some group inherently better or worse than some other group
Let us say the Chinese are more intelligent than Indians. So what? Being intelligent is just one component of success in the modern world. Success in life has many more angles: drive, hard work, emotional intelligence, perseverance, ability to spot opportunities, cunning, pragmatism, relationships, etc. Indians match the Chinese is these areas, if not surpass them.



Since I write primarily about history, let me make a point from history. How did the Chinese let the Indians influence it for over a thousand years, if indeed the Indians are less intelligent than the Chinese? I am talking of the Indian influence of China – religion + philosophy + language in the first millennium of the CE.
To be fair, I don’t see too many conceptual thinkers amongst Indians in my profession (i .e. outside Quora) and I do see far more East Asians. But that is more a cultural thing than innate intelligence.
Here in the USA, where I live, most of the gymnasts, swim teams, and sports teams have plenty of Chinese and almost no Indians. As far as athletic abilities are concerned, I can readily grant that Chinese of 2017 seem far superior. But as far as concerns intelligence, I don’t know!




I was in Paris last year. In all its museums – Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Musée d’Art Moderne, and even the minor ones, you will find the Chinese by the bus loads. But not more than handful of Indians will be spotted in such places. Of course, you will find Indians atop the Eiffel tower, towards which all the Patel tourist buses head! And similar observations can be made across many cities of Europe and US. What do we infer from this? I have a theory: the PRC is encouraging its citizens to learn European civilization at its root by visiting all these museums. Why? Without a doubt, the PRC harbors the ambition of unseating the “decadent” West and one of the ways it hopes to do that is by understanding the West’s intellectual underpinning. So whether the Chinese are more intelligent or not, I do not know, but they are definitely more “intelligence respecting” and “intelligence admiring” !
These are some of my observations on this subject!

我去年在巴黎,当地所有博物馆,卢浮宫、 奥赛博物馆、现代艺术博物馆甚至小型的,你都会找到中国人,但很少发现印度人。当然,你会在埃菲尔铁塔顶看到印度人,向帕特尔观光车前进。




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