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Why aren’t we sending refugees to China where there are literally ghost cities to fill?



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Bevin Chu, veteran commentator on Sino-US relations
Answered Sep 18
First of all, who’s “we”?
What right do “we”, whoever that is, have to force China to take in refugees? China was not the nation that dropped 27,000 bombs on seven different nations last year, creating a refugee crisis.
China dropped 0 bombs on 0 nations last year.
Are you a Hollywood star living in a Beverly Hills mansion with dozens of bedrooms, all unoccupied?
If you are, then how about “we” send the homeless people on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame to fill in your “ghost bedrooms”, starting with rabid China basher Richard Gere?





Mervyn Locke, Enlightened laowai/Decade-long China resident/Permanent China bull
Answered Sep 4
For four very simple reasons:
China does not want any immigrants, unless they can significantly contribute to the economic growth (we’re literally talking about rocket scientists here).
China emphasizes on blood line, meaning that anyone who is not ethnic Chinese is not very desirable.
The so called “ghost cities” are a largely exaggerated phenomenon. I mean, if you build an entire city with capacity for a few hundred thousand people from scratch, it will naturally take a while for an ecosystem to evolve. In most of the cases, these ghost cities has become flourishing neighborhoods within a few years’ time.
Having observed the migrant chaos in Europe with social unrest and destabilization of society in its wake, it would be an obscene mistake to repeat that mistake over again.
Having said the above, one should keep in mind that Chinese are among the most kind, friendly, curious and adaptive people I’ve ever met. They just have a reverse order of priorities compared to the West – first save family and the country, then the rest.








Alex Schroeck, lives in China (2017-present)
Answered Sep 4
The arrogance in this question is astounding. WE cannot send ANYONE to China. The decision to allow any person into China rests with the Chinese government, we have ZERO say in who they allow into the country. China currently doesn’t accept refugees because:
They already have over 1,300,000,000 mouths to feed and jobs to provide.
There is a serious, although improving, poverty situation in China that refugees would not help alleviate.
Refugees don’t speak Chinese and would be worse than useless to the Chinese workforce.
They can see what effect refugees are having on European countries like Germany and England and they want no part in that madness.
Admitting refugees would be a dramatic step backwards for a country like China, and suggesting we have the power to send refugees there is absurd.








Ruoyu Liu, studied at Sun Yat-Sen University (2014)
Answered Sep 4
For those who are genuinely interested in Chinese economy and politics, my sincere suggestion is that please please update your information regularly, using a book which was poorly-researched 3 or 5 years ago or random Youtube videos to form your argument is laughable. Please do some research to see if those so-called ghost cities are still filled with ghosts now? Even the author of Ghost Cities of China has updated his story:
However, in 2017, the ghost city label is getting more than a little difficult to hang on Ordos Kangbashi. According to a recent report, there are now 153,000 people living there, 4,750 businesses are now in operation, and housing prices have risen roughly 50% on average from the end of 2015, when the local real estate market bottomed out. Of the 40,000 apartments that had been built in the new district since 2004, only 500 are still on the market. China’s Most Infamous ‘Ghost City’ Is Rising From The Desert



2. According BBC and CNN, the Chinese are still suppressed by the evil com**unists, so personally I think it would be inhuman to send those refugees to China.
3. Even if the ‘ghost cities’ are still vacant, China will consider the well-being of their citizens first.
4. Likewise, other East Asian countries aren’t interested nor do they have the political willpower to make such costly ventures.
5. China, as well as other east Asian countries, are not significantly involved with any of the turmoil going on in the Middle East.






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