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Why is India always in competition with China? Why does it expect an attack from China?



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Ben Kelley, Strong interest in geopolitics and defence
Answered Feb 15 · Upvoted by Adithya Yogesh, MA International Relations & Foreign Policy, John Hopkins (2015)
There is a problem when two states are in competition, just by their existence. They fill the same geopolitical niche.

India and China are both trying very hard not to step on each others turf. Both are non-aligned countries. Both have large populations. Geographically they are next to each other, luckily the only region that is disputed it not massively critical like a port or straights.



If India wanted to immediately infuriate China, it would side with the Americans and sail a fleet into the South China Sea. Its not doing that. China could also infuriate India by generally being hostile and interfering in India. Generally its not doing that.

But by their very existence they are going to be competitive. They have massive labor forces, and have been attracting heavy industry, manufacturing, production to their countries. As big as China is, one day India will have a much larger population. Geographically they aren’t going anywhere, so they know it doesn’t make sense to piss off a neighboring country that is in the same weight class as you. They both have more important things to do than fight each other.





Radhika Ramesh, Teacher Assistant at Little Heath School
Answered Feb 17
India considers China as a role model – role model in infrastructure,economy and military.But there are doubts or rather mistrust in Indian minds because of major irritants like :-
1)1962 war
2) closeness with Pakistan particularly in issues relating to Masood Azhar Even the US and many other countries wanted to label as terrorist.



Competitionis not a bad thing between people or countries .It inspires us to work harder and efficiently.What is there in considering China as a competitor?
Chinese firecrackers were banned in Delhi during Diwali because it contains some poisonous chemicals.
A lot of Chinese goods have flooded the market Especially toys,mobile phones it will ruin our Indian industry .
India shares a love-hate relationship with China similar to the love-hate relationship China shares with the US.
In my personal opinion we don’t have interaction with mainland Chinese since communication is an important part of relationship.There is no people to people contacts.





Flamme Gu, Bachelor International Relations & English Literature, The University of Western Australia (2016)
Answered Feb 15
I’m not an experts on Indian issues so I’ll just give a Chinese ordinary citizen perspective.
First of all we’re not interested in attacking India, not at all. China does have territory issues with India and we did battle in the past but honestly I’v never heard of our media or government talking about the territory issues nowadays . It’s more like we say yea we have that problem with India but it’s no big deal let’s talk about business first. I think that’s because we actually have a LOT of territory issues with our neighbours and the politicians they know it is totally waste of money and lives to fight for somewhere that is actually in control of someone else. They make a fuss about this sort of things only for distraction. Only when they want the people to focus on something else rather than the domestic issues. And in China, what I’ve heard a lot when I grew up was the territory issues with Japan. Never India.


首先,我们一点也没兴趣攻击印度。中国和印度的确存在领土问题,过去曾斗争过。但老实说,我从未听过当前的政府或媒体谈论领土问题。就像我们说的,我们与 印度有问题但不是大问题,先谈生意吧。


Second, I kind understand why India is so worried because the two countries share one thing in common: extremely large population. It means that both countries are going to need a lot of jobs to support its people and both countries need labor works such as producing fireworks to give its people a job and a life. So if China is taking all the jobs, then of course its no good for Indians.


Thirdly I’d say its more of a national unification strategy. When you want your people to loyal to you, to the country, you try your best to evoke nationalism. And how to do that? You build up an enemy for them to hate. It’s REALLY USEFUL trust me. It makes your people feel that they need you, the government the leader, more than ever to protect them from the enemy. China, India, US, Japan, etc. All countries use this strategy and it just never fails.

So, do China and India have problems? Yes. Is it serious? No. Will they fight? Not before China mainland/US/Japan/Taiwan fight each other.

Rest assured 🙂





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