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Will China take over the US as the most powerful country in the world? Why?



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Narb Luey
Answered Aug 30
14 years ago I had a teacher who said China will regain her spot as global super power in a few decades. I didn’t believe a word he said because China was nowhere near US in both military and economy. 14 years later China have already surpassed US in economy, while her military power is No.2 but judging the speed of her military growth it is likely that China will be able to surpass US as well.
In fact, China doesn’t even need to overtake US in military to be the most powerful nation on Earth. If there is nothing stopping her economical growth then she will likely to have a overwhelming economy which will dominate the world.
Because we live in a world where people will listen to whoever has the most money. And money will help you get shit done believe it or not. For example, will you ever become enemy with the bank or wallet? Of cause not!




Also like it or not China has better government (yea it’s communist but it’s the most capitalist country in the world), they actually want to fix the flaws and really do things for people. There is also only one party in China meaning there is no conflict between parties. Having one party means that they don’t have to waste a bunch of time (time is gold) and tens of billions of dollars every 4 years just because people needs to elect a new leader. President in China is not elected by whoever that runs the prettiest campaign but by the National People’s Congress, judged by you as a person (good or evil), past contributions and achievement, moral, sense of justice, determination, thoughts, education etc… This cancels out the chance of a having a incompetent idiot who will run the country for the next 5 years.
However, China doesn’t seem to give a shit about being the world leader or grasp power in her hands. She is doing a great job at minding her own business and help other countries to grow with her.
P.S. War is pouring a nation’s resources down the drain, US is doing a great job at pouring resources.






Chan Roberts, lives in China (2014-present)
Updated Sep 3
Will it take the place of the US as the most powerful nation in the world? Not anytime soon, but every empire in history has risen, declined, and eventually fell. So it will be with the American Empire.
But China doesn’t seem to be interested in power, and this is evident in its non-interventionist foreign policy. Influence is another matter as China works actively to build influence through creating win-win relationships.




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