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What is the opinion on the comparison between China and India in your country?



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Dawei Chen, lives in Beijing, China
Answered Jul 3
China and India are the two emerging giants that constitute the main engine for the “re-birth” of Asia.
In China, India is viewed as the other fast developing Asian nation that shares many similar characters as China.
When I was still a secondary schooler, over a decade ago in China, a history teacher told us in class, very seriously,
“we (China and India), were once glorious civilizations. But setbacks, wars, and western colonialism hurt us deeply, yet it also taught us lessons. It is now on your shoulders to make sure we can rise up to where we belong.”
It was a rather general, and off-topic statement. And I couldn’t really appreciate what she meant, for all I cared about were basketball, video-games, girls and grades…
Well, I haven’t changed much, but China and India sure have:







Navi Raj, former Sales Manager in Pharmaceutical Firm
Answered Jul 16
I went china and honk Kong in 2016, saw the great wall and many places. Apart from economy status of both countries i feel china is much more developed. Hong Kong looks like London, there is no comparison in terms of std of living, infrastructure, cleanliness, road manners, India is still lot behind, i’d say atleast 25 years behind.
Railway stations there are like airports here, so clean and well organised. But there are hardly any sign boards in english. Their markets are flooded with electronics and way cheaper then in india. China is almost developed if not properly developed. Their country side presents a diff story with lower std of living and from there it looks terribly under developed nation. But mostly i feel China is much ahead in every sense, be it military, economy or infrastructure.




Sourav Goswami, Founder (2012-present)
Updated Jul 23
In fact, the opinion of Chinese in Zhihu towards India is pretty bad.
Lets say they are ignorant about India and have no respect for Indians or our political system.
They know India is very poor and backward and compare us with Laos.
Sometimes, I feel very bad while reading the answers , but I know most of the Chinese are very friendly and kind. Therefore, I have no hard feelings towards them.
If India does well in the future, we will catch the attention of China and Chinese. Otherwise, they just know that we exist and that is that.





Ian Dean, Studies about economics
Answered May 9
India in they USA is generally considered poor, and neutral in world conflicts. The general opinions of India is pretty good.
China on the other hand is often consisted a competitor to the USA, and many see it as the nation that stole a lot of jobs in manufacturing, but aside from that people don’t dislike China, they just don’t like it either.




Dai Yuexiang
Answered Jul 4
Well…..In my country it’s more about China-US comparison, no one really cares about India. I mean ordinary people, not the media or government officials



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