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As a foreigner, which country is better to work and live for several years, China or India?


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Sid Dua, Interested in history, language, current affairs & politics.
Updated Nov 3, 2016
India, because:

1. Language: 20% of Indians speak fluent English. In other words, 1 in 5 people walking on the streets of India can speak English fluently. Most people, including the poorest, are able to understand some degree of English. The same cannot be said about China where only a select few people (such as English professors, expatriates) would know English. Not to mention, signs and boards in India are printed in English along with Hindi or the local state language. In China, the signs and boards only read in Chinese.
2. Prices: According to Numbeo, consumer prices are 95% higher in China than in India, rent is 255% more expensive in China than in India, restaurant prices are 78% more expensive in China than in India and groceries are 110% more expensive in China than in India.

Source: http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-li…



3. Access to websites: China has blocked many popular Internet sites like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which means if you decide to stay in China, you should bid these websites farewell. They have Chinese equivalents for these sites but they won’t be useful to you unless you’re willing to learn the Chinese language. India allows access to all these websites and the English versions are popular locally.

4. Freedom of speech: This isn’t something that you need to think about too much, but if you say something (in real life or online) that offends the Chinese government in any way, you would be inviting trouble for yourself. Remember that China is a one-party communist state while India is a democratic republic where your freedom of expression is not curtailed.

Also check out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/…



Richard Bourne, I lived and worked in China for over 4 years for a variety of multinationals and local companies. I speak f…
Answered Mar 30, 2016
Depends on your tastes and what you would be doing.

I would go where I had the better career prospects, and only you can know that.
If you love Indian food but think Chinese food is kinda meh you will probably be better off in India.
Going beyond just like for cuisine; if you are a vegetarian India will be better. If you love meat, China will be better.
If you want clean, modern infrastructure go to China.
If you want order, a stable controlled society, go to China. Not that India isn’t stable, it just seems to achieve it by being in a constant state of chaos which can drive you mad if you are not use to it.




If you want an economy with more upside, go to India. China’s economy is slowing and creaking right now. 3-5 years and it might be back on track but right now, India is the better bet.
If you want to learn a language, go to China. Mandarin is fun and useful. If you don’t want to learn a language, Indians do speak English.
If you are a man and want to date/have fun with the local women, you should go to China.
If you want to see old historic sights, India has more and they are more varied. China has spent the last few decades destroying their historic sites and rebuilding them Disney style.
If you want free access to the internet and to say whatever you want, head to India.





Naman Bhalla, I learn something new about China everyday
Answered Oct 25, 2016
As a foreigner – as long as you are not spying for your country- a multiparty inefficient democracy or a single party totalitarian regime will not really effect your daily life as an expat in India or China. I am not going to compare India vs China on political systems or freedom of speech or on availability of Facebook.
Here are my own experiences –


In terms of hygiene, food safety (apart from a few scandals, which happened in India too), infrastructure,safety, educational system for kids – China.
China also has well developed expat groups and offers a better,safer social life for expats than does India.
Chinese cities are the safest I have ever lived in. During my university days (I spent a few in China), I remember coming back from “international student parties” at 4am in the morning, completely wasted, on a public bus, ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS. I would not have the courage to do that in India.



Public transport system is also better in China and not to mention – you are less likely to be harassed by law enforcement in China than in India. Why did I mention that? – because as an expat – you will be required to visit local police stations for registration, residency permit etc. in both India and China. The processes are well defined in China. (The processes are well defined in India too but you are obviously more likely to be asked for a bribe in India).
You are also less likely to be overcharged at a local grocery store in China. Most Indian local grocery stores do not even have a Bar Code scanner and an Indian grocery store owner will more likely return your change in kind not cash (eg. A chewing gum)


你也不太可能在中国的杂货店被宰。大多数 印度当地杂货店甚至没条形码,一个印度杂货店的老板可能会用实物给你找零,例如一个口香糖。

Another plus for China – You don’t pay a service tax. You pay the price on the menu. No service tax + no tips.
You can buy a VPN to access FB for as cheap as $27. You will also fall in love with Wechat and Alipay – I never carry cash whenever I go out in China. Wechat is accepted by everyone, literally everyone. You will also fall in love with Taobao (like eBay). Well India has Flipkart and PAYTM But the scale of taobao is on entirely different level. Once you figure your way out to use Taobao(the site is in Chinese), you are very likely to get addicted to it – especially due to its super fast delivery services.



Things I do not like about China –
HEALTHCARE IN CHINA IS RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE. You might want to ask your company to cover your health insurance. India is the hub of medical tourism.
People smoking in elevators. I absolutely loathe it. (Thank God, India is a tobacco chewing nation. In India,You are more likely to find red tobacco spit spots in elevators or stairways than second hand smoke).
Chinese grandparents letting their grand kids “PEE PEE” in public (oh well think about all the street cows and dogs in India who do not know how to use a public toilet)
Indian restaurants in China are pricey. I miss Tandoori Chicken.
Chinese festivals are kinda boring. India is a land of festivals. During major festivals such as Diwali or Holi – people actually come together and spend Holi together. It’s more like a community coming together to celebrate with lights and colors. On the other hand – Chinese cities turn into ghost towns during Chinese New Year- because people spend Chinese New Year with close family or friends while staying indoor spending. You will definitely enjoy Holi or Diwali more than a Chinese New Year dinner.








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