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I hate my own country India. What should I do?


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Gopalkrishna Vishwanath, True Indian, who feels at home anywhere in India. Answered Mon

India is too large and diverse for you to have a logical reason to hate the entire country, all the languages, all the people, all the religions, all the customs, all the cultures and the like. If everything about this vast and diverse country, its people is hated by you, then you should look into yourself to find out if anything is wrong with you rather than the entire country.

Gopalkrishna Vishwanath,真正的印度人,在印度的任何地方都感觉像在家。


Sit down coolly think carefully what exactly it is that is making you hate the “country” rather than something specific and limited.
Is it the hot climate? Is it the language and culture of the people around you? Then the solution is simple. Migrate to another part of the country and see if it makes a difference.
If you were born here, remember that this is your motherland.
Don’t hate it. Love it. Serve it.
If you can’t do that, try emigrating to a foreign land if you can make yourself eligible and see how you are treated in any foreign country.





Even if you are willing to submerge your identity and absorb their culture, you will never be truly one of them.
Ask the Muslims of India if they would be willing to migrate to the home of Islam, Saudi Arabia.
Find out if Indian Christians will happy in a European country or in USA even if they speak English well.
Ask the Buddhists if Sri Lanka or other Buddhist majority country will be a better home for them.
If you are a Hindu, or Sikh or a Jain, you have no where else to go if religion is the issue.
If you are a communist, try Russia or China.






If it is the dirt, noise, dust, crowds that put you off, try moving to another part of the country. Try living in a rural area instead of an urban area. If the climate bothers you then there are hot, warm, cool and cold places. We have wet places and dry places. We have forests, deserts, mountains, seas. Take your pick.
If it is Indian politics that is bothering you, then join it and make change if you can. Choose the party that you disapprove of the least or like Kejriwal did, form a new Party.



Whatever your problem, hating your country is not the solution.
If you are still not convinced and are determined to continue hating my country India and are still living here, please do me and all my fellow Indians a favour.
Please don’t join our army and please don’t participate in politics.
I would hate to have my country defended or governed by some one who hates it.




Manoj Charantimath, Indian by Heart
Answered Mon
Sometimes, more freedom, comforts, happiness, sufficient money, less problems makes a person intolerant for smallest difficulty. One needs to undergo some hardship to understand what is happiness and its value.

To understand the value of living in India,for one year you live in countries like North Korea, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya and then write on Quora about your views on India. You will understand what is it and how is it to live in India.




Niraj Jani, Software Engineer at Malaysia
Answered Tue
Don’t be emotional, If you can’t love your own country where you born then it’s okay, leave it and enjoy where you like or feel comfortable.
Just one request, don’t use word hate, India is not perfect but people love India, we love India, I love India and whatever happens I would love my India.
So stop writing “hate” word for your mother country and leave and enjoy your life where you feel good.
But whenever you feel bored of other country, you can come back home, India will accept you, India will love you even though you hate it.

Niraj Jani,马来西亚软件工程师






Parul Chhabra, works at Nisshinbo Mechatronics India Private Limited
Answered Mon
Simple answer is to Leave !
Hate is a very strong word in itself. If you literally know the meaning and mean it, then there is no point of discussion over that.

Parul Chhabra,印度私企工作



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